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This Website is for Christ’s Glory in proclaiming His TRUTHS about these End-Times!!!

I’m sad to say that my Website “REAL RAPTURE REVEALED” has been left unattended for the last 2-3 years now because I didn’t have the financial backing to make it into a more professional Bible Prophecy Website like so many other popular Bible Prophecy Websites today!!!  But Christ has put a burden on my heart that it is the CONTENT of the articles that matters in His eyes and not so much having a Website that has cost an exorbitant amount of money to create!!! 

I have written so many articles over the last 15 years about THE RAPTURE and the SECOND COMING of Christ that I’ve lost count of how many – even though I feel certain that the number of my articles now exceeds 400!!!  But over the last year I have been writing articles on the 7 Visions that Christ gave to the Apostle John on HEAVEN and the Events leading up to His soon SECOND COMING and THE RAPTURE as John described them in the Awesome Book of Revelation!!!  I have sent these articles on Heaven to only a select few people – but Christ continues to daily remind me that He has reserved a REMNANT who are living today in our saved soul existence in His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and that He wants to know where we are on His Prophetic Timeline!!! 

Christ went to a lot of effort to tell us about Heaven in His CRYPTIC LOVE LETTERS of His Word since that will be the Final Estate and the Promised Land of those of us He gave His life to save!!!  And He wants us living today before His soon Return to understand what He has in store for us and to understand the events that John saw in his 7 Visions of Heaven that must take place as a prelude to His soon Return!!!

I realize that many of the REMNANT that Christ has saved now in the over 7 Billion people living on Earth today are so busy making ends meet and taking care of their families and careers that even though they might want to study Christ’s Word about HEAVEN and the events leading up to His SECOND COMING and THE RAPTURE -- that there just are not enough hours in the day to devote the amount of time that Christ has put a PASSION in my heart to spend in knowing where we are on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline!!!  And so Christ has encouraged me to not only get my Website going again but to begin writing a Bible Prophecy Book on these End-Times!!! – and because I am retired Christ has given me the time and the PASSION and a devoted heart that wants to do that for Him!!!

The Awesome Book of Revelation in my humble opinion contains the most beautiful CRYPTIC LOVE LETTERS ever written by Christ – for this Magnificent last Book of the Bible holds Christ’s last written Words to us Chosen Elect living on Earth today!!!  And while most of these articles listed below could very well be Prophecy Books in and of themselves – I hope to put all of Christ’s CRYPTIC MESSAGES about these End-Times into one organized book soon!!!  But for now these articles hold Christ’s hidden CRYPTIC MESSAGES about:

1)  How the 10 Plagues of Moses’ day and Christ’s awesome deliverance of His people from Pharaoh and the Evil Egyptian Empire at the parting of the Red Sea foreshadows these last 7 Plagues being poured out since Christ’s Ascension on Satan’s Kingdom of Babylon!!!  These articles will explain how the deliverance of us Elect soon at THE RAPTURE from Satan’s last 4th Final Epoch rule of this World and the oppressive World Governments ruled over by Satan in the United Nations all play into Christ’s TRUE ESCHATOLOGY of these End-times!!!   And these articles will answer the question of whether the prophesied event called THE SECOND COMING of Christ is the same event of THE RAPTURE and when Christ says in His Word these two events will occur!!!

2)  In reading these articles the question of WHO “THE ANTICHRIST” is and what the meaning of the infamous “MARK OF THE BEAST” is that Christ wanted to CRYPTICALLY convey in The Book of Revelation will hopefully be answered by Christ’s Word and what John saw in his 7 Visions!!!  As well as the question of who Daniel 9:27 says confirms a Covenant with whom will be hopefully answered according to Christ’s Word ALONE!!!  In reading these articles I pray that you will come to understand that the New Covenant of Grace that Christ has made with “the many” of us in His Book of Life is the most important Covenant ever made in the History of this Human Race because a New Covenant Relationship with Christ is needed as a prerequisite to our entrance into Heaven either when our bodies die on Earth or if we are fortunate to be alive when Christ Returns so to deliver us at THE RAPTURE!!!  And it is also my prayer that Man’s False Eschatology that Daniel 9:27 is about a Future ANTICHRIST who hasn’t even stepped up on the stage of Human History yet to make a Covenant of Peace with the Jews in Jerusalem and the Nation of Israel today will be put to rest!!!  I pray that through Christ’s Word you will understand that He gave Daniel that prophecy about Himself coming to confirm His New Covenant of Grace with “the many” in this Human Race that He had predestined to save!!!    

3)  These articles will address the topic of  “Armageddon” and “the Gog and Magog Battle” mentioned in The Book of Revelation and whether these battles are two LITERAL physical Nuclear battles of the Future or just ONE Final Spiritual Battle that is the last battle of GOOD AND EVIL that John saw in his 7 Visions that is being fought as a prelude to Christ’s Return between the Spiritual Kingdom of Satan and the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven!!!  It is my prayer that what Christ Himself prophesied would be a time of GREAT TRIBULATION as a prelude to His Return will be understood through His Word and John’s 7 Visions that I’ve written in these articles for Him – for only His DIVINE TRUTH can answer any of our questions today about the events that John saw about Christ’s SECOND COMING and THE RAPTURE!!!

4)  These articles address whether we are in the prophesied GREAT TRIBULATION now – or whether the Great Tribulation happens after the Secret Sign-less Imminent Rapture of THE CHURCH followed by a 1000 year reign of Christ on Earth as World Renowned Bible Prophecy Experts teach relentlessly today!!!

5)  And please know that my articles on HEAVEN are full of Christ’s own Words that tell who His Chosen Elect are who belong to the only Holy Nation of Israel that He has ever had – for His Word teaches that His Holy Nation was created before the foundation of the world by Christ choosing who would be in that Holy Nation and His Kingdom of Heaven!!!  The question of who Christ’s REMNANT of believers have always been – whether they are a REMNANT of Jews and Gentiles from every race and Nation in the World that Christ chose to save before the foundation of the world -- or only 13-16 Million unbelieving Jews in Jerusalem today and around the World will be answered by Scripture – NOT by Man’s False Eschatology!!!  And the idea that the Nation of Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948 by MAN’S decree – NOT by the DIVINE DECREE of Christ will also be addressed – for it’s important to know who Christ says His Holy Nation is since WWIII could be started over the bullet-riddled piece of property in the Middle East thought of as HOLY LAND at anytime now and Nations could be annihilated over who owns this land!!!  These articles will address how it is LITERALLY impossible that any Nation could be saved En-Masse without Christ’s Holy Spirit first choosing to save ALL of them and indwelling all of them with His Holy Spirit -- for Christ’s Word explicitly teaches that whole Nations have NEVER been saved En-Masse – NOT even in the Old Testament Days with the Nation of Israel in the Bible – nor America today!!!  My articles are based on Christ’s TRUTH that Salvation and Judgment are an individual basis only – NEVER on a National basis – for no one is saved or Judged Nationally!!!   

6)  The hotly debated topic of the True Gospel Message of Christ’s one and only PLAN OF SALVATION and who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven according to Christ’s teachings and the teachings of all of His Apostles will also be addressed in these articles and Christ’s Word will be used to explain His True Gospel Message of Election and Predestination!!!  These articles show from Christ’s Unadulterated Word that Election and Predestination have always been His Gospel Message of the Everlasting Election of Grace that He commissioned His Disciples to take to all the Nations of the World   – NOT Man’s Free Will Gospel!!!  

7)  And there is no other topic more hotly debated today than the infamous 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy and whether this Final Week has been FULFILLED or whether it is yet unfulfilled along with the prophesies of Daniel 9:24-27 which will also be addressed in these articles!!!   These topics and much – much more are covered in the articles on this Website which I pray that many will find the time to read – for THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of hours of studying Christ’s Word and sitting at His feet listening to Him tell me the answer to these questions has gone into writing these articles listed on this Website!!!

The articles that are now posted on this Website I have written from Christ’s TRUE ESCHATOLOGY based on The Awesome Book of Revelation along with the Book of Daniel and what Christ has revealed to all of His Old Testament Prophets about His 1st and 2nd Advents – and I pray that these articles will hopefully answer many of the questions that you might have about these END-TIMES!!!

I have mentioned many “so called” World Renowned Bible Prophecy Experts and what they have taught about THE RAPTURE and Christ’s SECOND COMING in these articles by name -- but please know that even though I often disagree with their Eschatological views and their Gospel Message of Heaven – I mean them no disrespect in using their names and the content of their messages!!!  Absolutely NONE of us were born with a Ph.D. in Bible Prophecy and only through comparing what World Renowned Bible Prophecy Experts teach today with Christ’s Word can we come to the true knowledge of what Christ’s Word says about these End-Times!!!  Christ’s awesome Apostle Paul was NOT offended that the Bereans questioned his teachings and compared them with Scriptures and so he wrote: “No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God’s approval”!!! (1st Cor. 11:19)  

I pray that I have God’s approval – for over these last 15 or so years I have been questioning what Man’s Eschatology teaches today by sitting at Christ’s feet listening to His Holy Spirit teach me about these End-Times just like Mary of Bethany sat at Christ’s feet in the 1st Century!!!  And I truly believe what John wrote that there is no greater teacher than CHRIST HIMSELF who is certainly also the GREATEST World Renowned Bible Prophecy Expert that we should be listening to today about these End-Times!!!  John wrote these words about who we Elect that Christ came to Earth to save should look to for TRUTH: “But the anointing which ye have received of HIM abideth in you, and ye need NOT that any MAN teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of ALL things, and is TRUTH, and is NO LIE, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in HIM”!!! (1st John 2:27)

Certainly even the most sincere of us who profess to follow Christ can be deceived by SATAN who the Bible says is the MASTER of all deceivers – and there’s just no doubt that we living today can be fooled by the erroneous teachings of his False Prophets who have been BLINDED by him in the External Global Harlot Church of today that John describes in his 7 Visions of The Book of Revelation!!!  No one understood the blinding by Satan more than Christ’s Apostles did – for most of the Jews had been blinded by the false teachings of the Pharisees and the Sadducees when Christ began His Ministry on Earth and Christ and His Disciples had to fight against their LIES and Doctrines of Demons daily!!!  AND SO IT GOES TODAY – for Christ prophesied that there would be MANY False Prophets in league with Satan using His Name to deceive even His Elect if it were possible as a prelude to His Return!!! 

And so like Paul did with the Bereans I would encourage anyone reading these articles from me about the End-Times in which we are living today to compare what I have written with what Christ has written in His Awesome Word – for I am only human and don’t know everything about Christ’s Return even though I want to and strive daily to study to show myself approved of God as Paul wrote and as we read in 2nd Timothy 2:15!!! 

Just know that if our name is in Christ’s Book of Life that we have His promise that His Holy Spirit indwelling in us will teach us THE TRUTH and His TRUTHS will set us FREE from the deceptions and LIES of Satan which Christ only knows will harm our Spiritual well being if we fall for them!!!  It is never too late to confess to Christ that we have fallen for the FALSE TEACHINGS of Satan and that it is the desire of our heart to turn away from SATAN’S LIES and embrace His TRUTHS – for the Hallmark of a True born-again Christian is that we receive THE TRUTH of Christ’s Word with all eagerness to obey His Word so that we might be faithful to Him and His Honor and a reflection of Him and His Light in a world that grows Spiritually darker by the minute!!!

Being faithful to Christ and His Word proves that we are Christ’s TRUE PROPHETS and witnesses and Ambassadors today of His Word and that is what makes this saying so important and true: “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears THE TRUTH – he will either quit being mistaken or CEASE TO BE HONEST”!!!  It is my prayer that in writing these articles for Christ that He will help each of us that belong to Him see THE TRUTH of His Word about these End-Times and to understand those TRUTHS with HIS MIND so that we can speak with His Voice and be a reflection of His Light – for His Word and TRUTH need to be heard in a World where John saw in his 7 Visions would have the JUDGMENT of God poured out on it as a prelude to Christ’s Return!!!

In closing let me just say that when I started this Website I often used EXCLAMATION MARKS and capitalization to show the urgency of the CRYPTIC MESSAGES that Christ had put a burden on my heart to convey through His Word!!!  But as THE SIGNS of Christ’s Return all seem to be converging now as never before in the History of Mankind with everything in this World now moving fast to a foreordained – predestined END as John saw in his 7 Visions of Heaven -- and with the FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT and the LAST DAY of this Human Race on the near Horizon – my exclamation marks have increased from 1 to 2 and now to 3!!!  And now it is my “STYLE” of writing these articles on Christ’s True Eschatology to use CAPITALIZATION to emphasize a point and 3 Exclamation marks instead of periods!!! 

And the reason that I thought that 3 exclamation marks was appropriate to use instead of periods – is because the number 3 is used CRYPTICALLY throughout Christ’s Word to represent His Purpose and Will!!!  And certainly it is His purpose and Will which is PERFECT that we Chosen Elect who belong to Him know the events leading up to His soon Return as He is the ONLY ONE in this Universe who knows the END from the beginning!!!

Because it is only myself writing these articles and because it is only by the Grace of God giving me a very good hearted neighbor to help in getting my articles posted again on my Website -- it may take awhile to answer any emails since this Website is pretty much a one person operation!!!  But there is a way that you can help in keeping my Website going -- for if Christ puts a burden on your heart to give even a very small donation -- I promise to use it in writing these articles and a Prophecy Book for HIS GLORY and Honor!!! 

It has now been over 2000 years since the Disciples stood and watched as Christ Ascended into Heaven -- and because they gave their very lives in standing up for Christ’s Word and would NOT renounce the name of Christ -- the cause of Christ still goes on!!!  And now our time has come to fight for the cause of Christ in these End-Times and to embrace the Cross like they did by giving our lives for THE ONE who died to give us ETERNAL LIFE!!!  We can do this by standing up for Christ’s Word and His Honor in fighting this Final Spiritual Battle of Good and Evil that is causing today’s prophesied Great Tribulation!!! But rest assured we are not ALONE -- for Christ is the Commander of His Heavenly Army on Earth today and Satan is already a defeated foe!!!

Sadly -- the Internet today has many Bible Prophecy Websites that are NOT truly dedicated to the cause of Christ and His True Eschatology but are dedicated instead to promoting Man’s False Eschatology!!!  But long ago -- to borrow Ray Boltz’ words in his awesome song “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” -- I pledged my allegiance to the Lamb and I promise that if you give to this Website that I will with all of my strength and with all of my heart seek to honor Christ’s command of speaking His TRUTH and standing up for His Honor in a world where His Truth has now all but been cut off and silenced by those who want to take away any semblance of God in this Apostate World!!! 

The Apostasy of this World by Professed Christian believers is the FULFILLMENT of what Christ Himself prophesied would be the #1 SIGN of His Return and that is where we are today on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline!!! – for the External Global Church that John saw in his 7 Visions has been “riding THE BEAST” of Satan’s BEAST SYSTEM of Evil World Governments of the United Nations for quite some time now!!!

Rest assured that any money donated to my Website -- which is appropriately titled “REAL RAPTURE REVEALED” -- will go to keeping this Website going and hopefully publishing a Prophecy Book on these End-Times for Christ in the near Future – for Christ has revealed to us through John’s 7 Visions everything we need to know about THE RAPTURE and His SECOND COMING and HEAVEN and my Website is dedicated to REVEALING Christ’s TRUTHS!!! 

While I’ve had no financial backing over the years in writing these articles for Christ – He has been faithful and at 67 years of age and a widow now for almost 7 years I have given up a successful career in the business world to devote the rest of my life to Christ’s awesome cause of speaking His TRUTHS in a world that so desperately needs to hear it!!!  Christ deserves all of the Glory for the articles on this Website – for He has faithfully answered my prayers in helping me see what He sees and to know what He knows about these End-Times through the 7 Visions that He gave to John and the visions that He also gave to Daniel and Ezekiel about our Future Estate and Promised Land of HEAVEN!!!  And He deserves the Glory for putting a PASSION in my heart to serve Him in writing these articles on what His Holy Spirit has so graciously shown me in His Word about the events leading up to His soon Return!!!

Just know that until the day when Christ sounds the 7th Last Trumpet and parts the VERY HEAVENS and steps back into our dimension to RAPTURE us – I will still be sitting at His feet listening to His Holy Spirit and reading His Word on these End-Times and hopefully writing these articles and any Bible Prophecy Books that it is in His Will for me to write – for not only have I pledged my allegiance to the Lamb but I am always and forever  . . . .

In His Service!!!





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