This page is dedicated to REVEALING some important thoughts that Christ has given me through His “Living Words” of TRUTH in the Bible about the End-Times in which we are living today.  They are food for thought from a Biblical Viewpoint that Christ has put a burden on my heart to share with you on this Prophecy Website which I pray you will think of as you give your life in the service to Christ like I have.  Hopefully you will prayerfully consider these important thoughts as you LIVE FOR CHRIST in a world where Christ is today pouring out His Final Judgments of the Last 7 Plagues that He REVEALED to John recorded in The Book of Revelation. 

These last 7 Plagues are now intensifying more every day as it is obvious that the Worldwide Judgment of Christ has not only begun but is causing today’s prophesied time of Great Tribulation for us True Prophets of Christ fighting this Final Spiritual Battle with Satan’s False Prophets.  And rest assured it is a Spiritual Battle of Good versus Evil and TRUTH versus LIES which Satan’s False Prophets will NEVER WIN!   

Thoughts for Today from Christ’s Living Word of Truth the Bible:

Christ is NOT coming back to Earth to be King for a temporary thousand years in the near Future as Man’s False Eschatology teaches – for He is ALREADY “the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord” in His Messianic Kingdom NOW.  His Millennial Kingdom began on Earth the day that He walked down the Banks of the Jordan River and was Baptized by John.  For when He rose from the dead after His crucifixion on the Cross -- His Kingdom was inaugurated when the saved souls of us True Prophets of Christ from Noah until today were purged of our sins by Christ’s death and resurrection at the 1st resurrection. 

And that means that all that is left for Christ to do today after all the Nations of the World have now been evangelized and Christ has saved everyone in His Book of Life -- is to CONSUMMATE His Millennial Kingdom that was inaugurated in A.D. 33 with His death and resurrection at the Cross.  That CONSUMMATION will take place soon at His 2nd Coming when He will RAPTURE us True Prophets of His that are living today on Earth.  On the “Day of the Lord” we True Prophets of Christ will be changed in “a flash and the twinkling of an eye” into our glorious new resurrected immortal bodies like Christ so that we can step into the New Heavens and the New Earth that Christ has waiting for us now. 

And this TRUTH from Christ’s Word should give us True Prophets of Christ courage to stand up for His Truths today in a World that is going through what Christ prophesied would be a time of GREAT TRIBULATION for us True Prophets of His.  This time of Great Tribulation began when Satan was LOOSED to deceive his False Prophets to all but cut the TRUTH of Christ’s “Living Word” off today with their LIES and False Eschatology about these End-Times.  For just like the Pharisees and the Sadducees in Christ’s Day on Earth – the False Prophets of today think that they are doing a service to Christ in defending the False Eschatology of Man -- when in reality they have been DECEIVED by Satan to buy his LIES and sell them as God’s TRUTHS which make them “the buyers and sellers” that Christ REVEALED to John would be prevailing in the End-Time Harlot Church before His 2nd Coming. 

CLEARLY -- it is the False Prophets in League with Satan today who are the only ones that can sell their False Prophecies because Satan is now ruling in the External Global Harlot Church of these End-Times just as Christ REVEALED to John in his 4th Vision when we read:

“That no one may buy or sell except (the) one who has the mark or the name of THE BEAST, or the number of his name.   Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of THE BEAST, for it is the number of (unsaved_ man: His number is 666.” (Rev. 13:17-18)

This is all covered in Chapter 11 of my New Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed” entitled: “Christ REVEALS who “THE BEAST” is and what “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” and the number 666 means.”

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