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The Greatest Miracle of all time was Christ coming to Earth to save a Remnant of those He had chosen to save from the Human Race before the foundation of the world which He accomplished at His 1st Coming.  And that is why those of us He saved should be celebrating His birth and “the Miracle of Christmas” every day of the year!!!  For He truly is “the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords” reigning now from David’s Throne in Heaven and from the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” here on Earth where all of us in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST that have been saved by Christ exist in our saved soul existence waiting for His 2nd Coming to Rapture us soon!!! 

CLEARLY -- The Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is that if Christ chose to save us -- then we are His True Prophets reigning with Him in His Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven on Earth NOW.  For when we are IN CHRIST on Earth then we are certainly IN HEAVEN on Earth!!!  And this Website is Dedicated to Christ’s DIVINE PLAN of REVEALING to us that He came to Earth to save “The Rapture Truths Revealed” to Daniel and Ezekiel and John and His many other True Prophets of Old about these last of the LAST DAYS.  For with these “Rapture Truths” that Christ has REVEALED to His True Prophets of Old – He wants us to MOVE FORWARD IN FAITH until the End of this Great Tribulation.  For it is at the END of this prophesied time of Great Tribulation that Christ Himself REVEALED that He would Return to Deliver and Rapture us “Elect” who are still alive today in this now 21st Century and have been saved by Him. 

Christ’s Word is PRICELESS – unlike the finite wisdom of Man – for Christ’s Words are INFINITE since He is the only One who knows the End from the Beginning.  And in His Infinite Wisdom and Truth He REVEALS “the Rapture Truth about the Timing of the Rapture”!!!  And that “Rapture Truth Revealed” is REVEALED in His Apocalyptic Discourse recorded in Matthew Chapter 24 which declares that THE RAPTURE will take place “immediately AFTER the Great Tribulation” of today.  And to make sure that we understood that Divine Truth – Christ also REVEALED to Daniel in his last vision recorded in Daniel Chapter 12 – the very same “Rapture Truth Revealed” – that the Rapture will take place at the END of the 1,335 days of Great Tribulation.  And that is why the Old Testament CONCEALED is in the New Testament REVEALED!!! 

And it’s also WHY it just can’t be reiterated enough that Christ went to a tremendous amount of effort in giving His Old Testament Prophets Daniel and Ezekiel the very same BIBLICAL TRUTHS about these End-Times that He gave to John in his 7 visions of these End-Times.  For He wanted us “Elect” living right before His 2nd Coming to be “BLESSED” if we made it to the 1,335th Day which is “the Day of the Lord” and the LAST DAY of this Present Age of Humanity.  And it’s also WHY as one of Christ’s True Prophets today that I have based all of my Commentaries solely on what Christ REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John and His other great Prophets -- and NOT on Man’s Eschatology.  For Man’s Eschatology more often than NOT – DENIES – CONTRADICTS – DISTORTS – and CHALLENGES Christ’s True Eschatology.  

And CLEARLY -- Christ’s True Eschatology REVEALS that “Day of the Lord” will be the Greatest Miracle since His birth and the saving of us Elect and Chosen at the Cross when the 1st Resurrection of our souls occurred.  For it will be A Day even more spectacular than when Christ Delivered His People at the parting of the Red Sea by the hand of Moses.  In other words -- His True Eschatology REVEALS that at this Final Deliverance soon -- that the very Heavens will be opened and Christ will step back into Man’s dimension again to give us “Elect” a Resurrected Body like His.  And then “in a flash and the twinkling of an eye” the Rapture witnessed by all who ever lived on this Earth will be over and we “Elect” will be Raptured with Satan and those in his Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” Left Behind for Judgment!!!

And ALL of these “Rapture Truths Revealed” are written in my many Commentaries on this Prophecy Website based solely on Christ’s True Eschatology.  But sadly -- too many even Professed Christians today think that the story of the Human Race is “The Never Ending Story”!!!   And that Satan’s Final Kingdom on Earth which is called in the Book of Revelation by the name “Babylon the Great” -- is NOT in the process of being brought down to ruins just like Christ brought Pharaoh’s Evil Egyptian Empire down to ruins before the Deliverance of His people in the Days of Moses.  Nor does most of Christendom today believe that the time of Deliverance in Moses’ Day FORESHADOWS the FINAL DELIVERANCE of today by Christ Himself – and that the 10 Plagues of Moses’ Day FORESHADOWS the Last 7 Plagues that have been going from partial to soon complete all the while growing in Intensity since John penned the Book of Revelation for Christ!!!

But MAKE NO MISTAKE -- Christ prophesied that once He had saved everyone in His Book of Life -- that then He would Return to RAPTURE those of us True Prophets of His that were still alive fighting today’s Final Spiritual Battle of Good and Evil and TRUTH AND LIES.  In other words -- “The Rapture Truth Revealed” in Christ’s True Eschatology – is that He REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions of these End-Times that a FINAL SPIRITUAL BATTLE that included the False Prophets in Satan’s Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” would take place as a prelude to His 2nd Coming when Satan would be LOOSED by Christ Himself to fight this Final Battle.  And that when he was LOOSED -- that he would go out and DECEIVE the Nations to MAKE WAR against Christ and us True Prophets of Christ in Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  And this is the Final Spiritual Battle that we “Elect” are fighting TODAY which is causing this prophesied time of GREAT TRIBULATION for us in Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven.  For this Final Spiritual Battle along with the Plague of the Coronavirus which Christ is using just like He did the 10th Plague of Moses’ Day to bring Pharaoh’s Kingdom down – is a SURE SIGN that “BABYLON IS FALLING” just as Christ REVEALED to John in his 7th vision that it would as we read recorded in Revelation Chapters 17-19 which means that Christ’s Return is right on the Horizon now!!! 

As one of Christ’s True Prophets I have spent the last 20 years of my life studying Christ’s True Eschatology.  And it has been my heart’s desire to be Christ’s servant and True Prophet who speaks with His voice and is a reflection of His Light in a Spiritually DARK World that is getting darker by the minute now.  For it is extremely obvious that Christ has taken His restrain off of Satan and LOOSED him from “the Bottomless Pit” to fight this Final Spiritual Battle of GOOD and EVIL and TRUTH and LIES that is happening all around the Globe today with the breakdown of Christ’s LAWS and Commandments.

This Final Spiritual Battle that Christ REVEALED to John that He had him call by the CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL NAMES of “Armageddon” and the “Gog and Magog” Battle recorded in the awesome Book of Revelation -- is MAN AT WAR with Christ and His Word.  And it just can’t be reiterated enough – that it is a Spiritual Battle that Christ REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions that must take place as a prelude to Christ’s 2nd Coming.  And the Final Spiritual that is taking place today is what I write about in my Commentaries on this Prophecy Website and in my new Prophecy Book also entitled “Real Rapture Revealed” that can be purchased now on Amazon. 

I pray that you will considering purchasing this Book after reading some of My Commentaries -- for it gives an overwhelming amount of Biblical evidence that demands a verdict that we are NOW in the prophesied time of Great Tribulation.  And just as my Commentaries all REVEAL – this Final Spiritual Battle will NOT end until Christ Returns at the end of this Present Age of Humanity to DELIVER AND RAPTURE us “Elect” who are fighting right alongside of Christ today.  And make no mistake -- the DIVINE PLAN of this Final Spiritual Battle is to DEFEAT Satan and the LIES of him and the False Prophets in League with him by bringing “Babylon the Great” down SPIRITUALLY – PHYSICALLY – and ECONOMICALLY.  And isn’t that just what we see happening now with this Coronavirus that Christ has ALLOWED to take place???!!! 

This Website has been revised to include not only my more in-depth Commentaries on these End-Times – but now has a New Page entitled “Rapture Truths Revealed” which has more frequent shorter commentaries about the events happening around the Globe today such as the Coronavirus and how it relates to THE RAPTURE and Christ's soon 2nd Coming.  But just know that I am 100% faithful to Christ’s Word and His True Eschatology in everything that I write for Him.  And that ALL of “The Rapture Truths” that I REVEAL in my Commentaries have ALREADY been REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John and the rest of Christ's True Prophets about these End-Times.

For we True Prophets of Christ know and understand that The Word of TRUTH in the Bible was COMPLETED and CLOSED after Christ REVEALED to John his 7 visions about these End-Times.  And Christ had John WARN all of us True Prophets of His NEVER to add or subtract to those prophesies.  But rest assured that Christ also promised Daniel that when His Return drew near that He would open and unseal those visions and would REVEAL the deeper CRYPTIC MESSAGES of those prophecies to those of us who had been saved by Christ and were listening to Him and were faithful to His Word.  And believe me – I AM LISTENING – for I believe wholeheartedly in what Christ told Amos that: Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He REVEALS His secret (s) to His servants the (True) Prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

I have been sitting at Christ’s feet for the last 20 years listening to what He has REVEALED through His True Prophets of the Bible about these End-Times and have written well over 500 articles on THE RAPTURE and the 2nd Coming of Christ.  And this New Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed” is a compilation of those 500 articles that took 1000s of hours of study in Christ’s “Living Word” to write.  It is a Book that I know that Christ would want you to read as one of His True Prophets to have an “understanding of the times” just like the “Sons of Issachar” did that Christ brought to the aid of David to make him the King of Israel. 

And CLEARLY -- Christ is calling His “Sons of Issachar” today in His Christian Army to stand up for His TRUTHS about these End-Times in this Final Spiritual Battle of GOOD and EVIL and TRUTH and LIES.  And that is WHY we need to have an understanding of these End-Times based on Christ’s True Eschatology more than ever before – NOT on Man’s ever-so-popular Eschatology which is more often than NOT – FALSE!!!  It is my sincere Prayer that the Commentaries on this Prophecy Website will equip you to fight alongside of Christ in DEFEATING SATAN.  For Christ’s DIVINE PLAN has ALWAYS been to DEFEAT Satan and to Deliver us “Elect” in the FINAL DELIVERANCE on the LAST DAY of this Human Race.  And Christ deserves an Army of True Prophets devoted to standing up for His TRUTHS which will give Him the Honor and Glory which He so richly deserves -- which is an Army of 21st Century “Sons of Issachar” that have an understanding of THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES!!!     

Rest assured this Prophecy Website “Real Rapture Revealed” is based on those TRUTHS that Christ REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions about these last of the LAST DAYS of this Present Age of Humanity to help you fight against the LIES of Satan’s False Prophets and Man’s ever so popular but False Eschatology of these End-Times.  It will give you the words of TRUTH from Christ’s True Eschatology which are being fulfilled right before our very eyes today.  Not to mention – that it will supply the evidence that demands a verdict that it is this Final Spiritual Battle of “Armageddon” and “Gog and Magog” taking place NOW that is causing today’s prophesied Great Tribulation that Christ prophesied we True Prophets of His must go through before He Returned to RAPTURE us.  

If you would like to Donate to my efforts in writing these Commentaries for Christ -- I would be Eternally Grateful!!!  For I gave up my Career to do this for Jesus and my Social Security Check is all I have to live on.   There is a page entitled “Thank you for Giving” dedicated to giving to this Ministry if Christ puts a burden on your heart to do so – and if He does then THANK YOU FOR GIVING!!! 

And just know that it is my Prayer every Day that Christ will REVEAL to me a greater understanding of what He REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions of these End-Times so that I can understand these Final Events of History with THE MIND OF CHRIST.  And most importantly of all -- so that I can be His Voice in speaking His TRUTHS to reflect the Light and “The Rapture Truths” Revealed in His True Eschatology!!!

Mary Sullivan

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