A  Little History About Myself

It is only appropriate that I tell you a little bit about myself and what my ministry in the service of Christ has entailed for especially over the last 20 years now.  Like most of us True Prophets of Christ living on Earth today -- my life has been “a work in progress” as Christ has been guiding and leading me to think more with THE MIND OF CHRIST and to see His “Rapture Truths Revealed” in His True Eschatology through His Spiritual eyes about these End-Times.  And it is because Christ has had His Hand on me for most of my life -- that now today at the age of 71 I am totally committed to being Christ’s servant that speaks with His voice through His “Living Word” about these End-Times.

And I am truly Blessed that Christ has taught me the real meaning of what it entails to be a “Martyr” for Him in this life -- that a “Martyr” is one who lays down his or her life in the service of Christ and dies to “self” in order to live for Christ.  In other words – it doesn’t always mean that one has to endure a physical crucifixion or death like so many of the 1st Century Disciples and Early Christians went through  – but it definitely always means DEATH to oneself in the service of Christ.  And because Sanctification by Christ begins when He calls us and draws us and saves us and then thankfully “seals” us with His “MARK OF SALVATION’ – even at 71 years of age I’m still a work in progress!!!

I grew up in Indiana where I attended Indiana and Purdue Universities and received a Master’s Degree to become a teacher.  And after marrying my husband who received both his Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering – I taught School for almost 8 years before our 1st son Matthew was born.  We were married for 39 years before he sadly died in late 2009 of a heart attack.  But during those 39 years of marriage Christ gave us two wonderful sons – Matthew and Daniel.  And we were both also blessed to have careers doing what we loved to do with me teaching school and my husband being an Electrical Engineer for IBM where he actually worked on not only one of the first computers ever made -- but was instrumental in helping IBM with their monumental task of miniaturizing the computer to the size it is today. 

And after our 1st son Matthew was born I then became a “stay at home Mom” for the first 5-6 years of his life.  And in those developmental years of Matthew’s young life I designed Gift products while staying at home with him to supplement my lost income as a teacher which he and his Dad and I sold at local Craft Fairs in Northern California.  But our lives changed drastically when early one morning I received a call from a buyer who worked for “Current Catalog” in Colorado.  She began her phone conversation by asking me if I was sitting down.  And when I asked if I should be – she then told me that she had an order for me for one of the products that I had designed that she had purchased at one of the Craft Fairs where I was displaying my hand-made gift items.  I soon understood what she meant by asking if I was sitting down because that order was a $36,000 order -- and fortunately I then sat down before I almost fainted!!! 

I realized later that Christ had His Hand in my receiving that order which began my new company and which I used for His Glory to spread the Good News of the Gospel.  And because my heart was so devoted to Christ -- from the moment that I received that order – Christ’s hand was there guiding me giving me the presence of mind to tell the buyer from Current Catalog that I had made that Gift item myself and that I would need to employ a lot of people to help me make that many of them to fill a $36,000 order.  And it would of course take money that I didn’t have to buy all of the supplies for that large of an order.  She said in reply to my hesitation: “How much money do you estimate you will need?” – to which I replied with Christ’s guidance: “I would say about $16,000 dollars.”  And what she said next was nothing short of a MIRACLE – for she told me: “I’m writing you a check for that amount RIGHT NOW and you should have it in the mail by tomorrow.” 

That day my company “Marycana” was created by the Hand of God which turned out to be “the American Dream” for a young woman who had grown up in a simple Midwestern town in Southern Indiana.  My husband and I came up with the company name “Marycana” which combined my name “Mary” with the name “Cana” which of course is where Christ performed His 1st Miracle of turning water into wine – for by that time I realized that my company was clearly a MIRACLE from God!!!  With Christ’s help and guidance I designed products for Marycana for the next 20 years which were sold all over the United States. 

The Company grew so large that my husband left Engineering and joined my blossoming manufacturing team.  And Christ Blessed us with a very successful and thriving business until companies from 3rd World Countries began putting so many of us American Companies out of business.  For imported Gift items began flooding the Marketplace with everything being made overseas for a fraction of the cost of what we could make our Gift products for here in the United States.  And sadly we had to close “Marycana” after 20 years because we couldn’t compete with the prices of the imported gift items being sold at Walmart and almost every retail store by then.  Matthew at that time had graduated and had gone on to become a Chef in the Restaurant Industry and my husband and I and our younger son Daniel then moved from Northern California to the Desert of Southern California. 

My husband became a Real Estate Agent and I decided that after 20 years of designing Gift Products -- that while I was eternally grateful to Christ for all of the ideas that He had blessed me with and the gift items we had produced that hopefully had blessed others -- that I was also extremely grateful to be out of the “Material World” and the competitive “rat race” of trying to sell affordable Gift Products to make a living.  For we could no longer compete with all of the imported products pouring into the United States from 3rd World Countries where they were being made at a fraction of the cost of any product that could be made in the United States.  And so we closed that part of our lives.  And being the devoted Christian that I was – I wanted nothing more than to dedicate the rest of my life that I had left on this Earth to Christ and to studying what His True Eschatology REVEALED about THE RAPTURE. 

And Christ didn’t disappoint me – for He honored my desire of studying His Word about these End-Times and He gave me a PASSION in my heart much like He had done with Paul.  For Paul after his conversion wanted more than anything to tell THE WHOLE WORLD that “the Messiah the Prince” prophesied in Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy HAD COME!!!  And since Rome was the Center of the known world at that time – it was Paul’s desire to go to Rome and share the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven that THE KING HAD COME with EVERYONE who would listen. 

And today my desire much like Paul’s was at the time of Christ 1st Coming was to declare to the WHOLE WORLD that “the Messiah the Prince” had COME -- which fulfilled the 1st Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy – my desire and PASSION has been to share with the WHOLE WORLD that the 2nd Coming of “the Messiah the Prince” was also prophesied in Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy.  And that He is COMING BACK SOON to Rapture us and to Consummate His restored Kingdom of Heaven that was inaugurated at the time of His 1st Coming.

And over the last 20 years now I have written well over 500 articles on THE RAPTURE and Christ’s 2nd Coming which has taken thousands of hours of Bible Study to write.  But I can honestly say that the study of Christ’s Word about His True Eschatology has been the most rewarding time in my life.  For it has been a labor of LOVE learning about these End-Times sitting at the feet of Christ listening to Him teach me through His “Living Word” and His Holy Spirit about THE RAPTURE that will take place at His 2nd Coming that will soon fulfill the 2nd Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy.  And it has been the visions that Christ REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John along with so many of the prophecies of His other True Prophets that has helped me come to “The Real Rapture Truths” today REVEALED in Christ’s True Eschatology – that His 2nd Coming is now right on the Horizon!!! 

My story the last 20 years has been much like “Mary of Bethany.”  For just like her I am Christ’s 21st Century “Mary of Bethany” sitting at His feet wanting to learn as much about the reason for His 2nd Coming as she did about the reason for His 1st Coming.

And CLEARLY again – Christ has NOT disappointed me!!!  For He has taught me so much about these End-Times that a few years ago He impressed upon my heart that He wanted me to condense what I have learned by sitting at His feet and listening to Him tell me about these End-Time into a Prophecy Book.  And it’s no coincidence that He also put a burden on my heart to entitle it with the same title as my Bible Prophecy Website with all of my Commentaries which is also entitled www.realrapturerevealed.com and is dedicated to Christ’s “Real Rapture Truths Revealed about these End-Times.  And rest assured that this Prophecy Book with the name “Real Rapture Revealed”  just like my Website -- is based solely on Christ’s True Eschatology of these End-Times. 

I am also extremely pleased to announce that my son Daniel has created a New page on this Prophecy Website where I am now posting shorter Commentaries every other day or so on what is currently happening in the World and how these Events REVEAL the Rapture Truth of Christ’s SOON 2nd Coming to Rapture and Deliver us in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST today!!!  So Please check this page often under the title “Rapture Truths Revealed.”   And just know that the Commentaries on my Commentary Page and archives are more in-depth studies on THE RAPTURE and the 2nd Coming of Christ -- while this new page is devoted to shorter daily current event topics which also relate to THE RAPTURE and Christ’s soon 2nd Coming.  So you can chose a more in-depth study on THE RAPTURE – or you can read how current events are fitting into Bible Prophecy on my New Page “Rapture Truths Revealed.”       

And God Willing -- I will still be sitting here at Christ’s feet listening to Him tell me about His DIVINE PLAN for this Human Race and writing my articles and Commentaries until He sounds the Last 7th Trumpet to RAPTURE us True Prophets of His on the LAST DAY of this Present Age of Humanity.  But just know that I am more dedicated to Christ and His DIVINE PLAN than ever before of defeating Satan and fulfilling the “Blessed Hope” of His SOON 2nd Coming to deliver and RAPTURE us in THE ONE TRUE  BODY OF CHRIST that He has now saved to the New Heavens and the New Earth.  But until that day I will forever be . . . . .

In His Service!!!

Mary Sullivan 


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