Is it Christ’s Will that a 3rd Temple be Rebuilt in Jerusalem today and how does a rebuilt 3rdTemple figure into Bible Prophecy?!

December 16, 2017

This is my 1
st Commentary that I hope will be one of many that I will post on my New Revised Prophecy Website “Real Rapture Revealed”before the Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ.  HONESTLY -- there is no doubt in my mind that Christ wants to use my voice for His Honor and Glory in these End-Times which I am extremely committed in doing for Him at this point in my life.  And that’s why over the last several years I have prayed a MILLION prayers that I would see what Christ sees through His Spiritual eyes about these End-Times so that I can understand what He REVEALED to Daniel and John in their visions with HIS MIND.  And most importantly of all that He could use me to speak with His voice to be a reflection of His Light and TRUTH in a World that so desperately needs to hear that TRUTH from His “Living Word” the Bible.

CLEARLY – Satan has gotten a lot of mileage out of the False Eschatology of Man today that the False Prophets in League with him have been extremely successful in promoting which declares that it is Christ’s Will that a 3rd Temple be rebuilt in the City of Jerusalem in order for Him to Return to Earth to set up His Millennial Kingdom for a 1000 years.  But that is just NOT Christ’s True Eschatology but Man’s False Eschatology.  The TRUTH of Christ’s Eschatology is explained in more detail in Chapter 6 in my new Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed” that is entitled: “Which Eschatology did Christ Teach – Amillennialism or Pre-Millennialism?!” 

I have also written about the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Chapters 19 and 20 which consecutively are entitled: “Will There Ever be a Restoration of Judaism and the Old Order of Ceremonial Worship in this 21st Century?!” -- and “Why Christ had John Measure the Temple recorded in Revelation Chapter 11 and how it relates to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple Today.”

CLEARLY – this is a very important topic in Christ’s DIVINE PLAN of these End-Times and that’s why I dedicated 3 Chapters to this important topic in my New Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed.”  For if one understands the DIVINE PLAN of Christ today – then they will understand from His Unadulterated “Living Word” that it was NEVER part of His Divine Plan to rebuild a LITERAL 3rd Temple on Earth in the City of Jerusalem before THE RAPTURE at His 2nd Coming.  Which means that rebuilding a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem is clearly Man’s Plan just as it was Man’s Plan to make the Nation of Israel a Nation again on May 14, 1948.  That was NOT part of GOD’S DIVINE PLAN either for that Nation is made up primarily of the same “unsaved Jews of the Flesh” just like it was in Christ’s Day when He declared:

“Therefore I say to you, the Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it.” (Matthew 21:43)

Even in the Old Testament Days the Nation of Israel was never totally made up of “the saved Jews of the Spirit” – nor can a whole Nation be reborn apart from Christ saving a REMNANT to be part of His Holy Nation of Israel which was born in principle when Christ wrote the names of those He had chosen to save out of this Human Race in His Book of Life before the foundation of the world.  

According to Christ’s “Living Word” -- His Holy Nation has from the beginning of time been made up of both Jews and Gentiles – for that Holy Nation was created even before the foundation of the world when He decided who would be in His Kingdom of Heaven and who would NOT be in the only Holy Nation that Christ has ever had on this Earth.  And it just can’t be reiterated enough that His “Living Word” teaches that His Holy Nation is made up of only a REMNANT of this Human Race that He chose before the foundation of the world.  And that disqualifies the whole Nation of Israel in the Middle East today from being Christ’s Chosen Nation because it is primarily made up of “the unsaved Jews of the Flesh” just like it was in Christ’s Day on Earth.

When Christ was on Earth during His ministry before going to the Cross -- He declared this TRUTH to all “the saved Jews of the Spirit” and “the unsaved Jews of the Flesh” about the Temple: Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”   Then the (unsaved) Jews (of the Flesh) said, “It has taken forty-six years to build this Temple, and will You raise it up in three days?”  21 But He was speaking of the Temple of His body.” (John 2:19-21)

What Christ was teaching through that CRYPTIC LANGUAGE was that His Body was the New Testament Temple and that we True Prophets that He had come to save were “the living stones” that made up the New Testament Temple of God!  And that is why it is NOT in Christ’s Will that “the unsaved Jews of the Flesh” living in Jerusalem and around the Globe today rebuild a 3rd Temple in the LITERAL City of Jerusalem.  We “true saved Jews of the Spirit” exist on Earth now in the SPIRITUAL CITY of Heavenly Jerusalem in our saved soul existence where we are reigning NOW with Christ on Earth.  And we don’t need a 3rd Rebuilt Temple to worship God.  For Christ prophesied THE TRUTH – that His Body is the New Testament Temple and we True Prophets of His are “the living stones” of that Temple. 

Rest assured that if a 3rd Temple is rebuilt with human hands before THE RAPTURE and the 2nd Coming of Christ that Christ will NEVER reign there -- for the True Nation of Israel today is made up of Christ’s Elect Chosen True Prophets and is a SPIRITUAL NATION – NOT a Political Nation on Earth.  Christ had the Apostle Peter prophesy about us True Prophets that are today in the Holy Spiritual Nation of Christ:

“But you are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a HOLY NATION, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 10 who once were NOT a people but are now the people of God, who had NOT obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.” (through the shed Blood of Christ) (1st Peter 2:9-10)

THE TRUTH of Christ’s “Living Word” teaches that by His obedience unto Death that He has FULFILLED all of the “types” and shadows of the Law by His dying on the Cross for the sins of us True Prophets of His living on Earth today in this now 21st Century.  His obedience to the Moral Law has put an END to the rule and dominion of it as He had Paul prophecy in Romans 10:4 – and His obedience to the Ceremonial Law put an END to it as we read in Hebrews 10:1-22. 

Christ’s shed Blood put an END to animal sacrifice forever and His Priesthood put an END to the Earthly Priesthood that “the unsaved Jews of the flesh” today are planning on restoring through the reinstating of the Priesthood of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem.  And certainly Christ’s entrance into the Holy Place where He NOW sits on David’s Throne in Heaven which is a Throne made by Christ’s own making -- put an END to Temple worship forever and the need to rebuild David’s Temple.  And it puts to END the False Eschatology of Man that Christ is returning to rule on David’s Throne on Earth for a temporary 1000 years in the Future which was never part of His DIVINE PLAN.

CLEARLY – Christ REVEALED through Daniel and John’s visions and ALL of His True Prophets along with His “Living Word” -- that His Blood – His Priesthood – His entrance into Heaven – His exaltation to the Throne of God in Heaven at His Ascension which is the Throne of David -- is the effectual accomplishment of our Salvation and Christ’s Eternal purpose of Coming to Earth the 1st Time.

And if ever He should again receive the sacrifices of Jewish Ceremonial Worship from Human hands upon a Material Altar in a rebuilt 3rd Jewish Temple in the Earthly City of Jerusalem today -- it would mean that THE CHRIST and the Messiah who came in the 1st Century that we True Prophets of Christ now worship is an IMPOSTOR – and that the Blood that He shed for our sins was USELESS.  Not to mention that the Gospel of GRACE that we believe in would all be A LIE – for we would all still be left in our sins if the 1st resurrection of the soul had NOT already taken place which it did at the Cross. 

Sadly -- Man’s False Eschatology teaches THE LIE that the soul and body will be raised in the 1st and 2nd resurrection that will happen at THE RAPTURE.  And unless I’ve missed something THE RAPTURE hasn’t taken place yet which means that Man’s Eschatology is False because it teaches that the souls of those Christ came to save haven’t been resurrected yet in the 1stresurrection at the Cross – GOD FORBID!

FORTUNATELY – we True Prophets of Christ have THE TRUTH of His “Living Word” that teaches His True Eschatology – that the 1stresurrection which is the resurrection of the soul took place at the Cross.  And we understand that Christ’s True Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven teaches that “the efficacy” of the Cross reaches all the way back to Abel and Noah just as it reaches all the way forward to us Living in this 21st Century today.  That just because the True Prophets of the Old Testament Days lived before the Cross that doesn’t mean that Christ didn’t die to save their souls on the Cross which was the 1st resurrection. 

We True Prophets of Christ living today didn’t witness Christ’s Death and resurrection either because we are now living over 2000 years AFTER the Cross.  Yet just like Christ’s Old Testament True Prophets living before the Cross -- those of us True Prophets of Christ living after the Cross are still covered by Christ’s Blood that He shed at the Cross for everyone of us that He had chosen to save out of this sin-cursed World before the foundation of the world.

What Christ REVEALED to John in his 4th Vision recorded in Revelation 13:8 is THE TRUTH – that He was “slain from the foundation of the world” and was offered in principle even though it had not taken place on Earth yet as the “perfect sacrifice” once and for all of His “Chosen Elect” True Prophets which include both Old and New Testament Prophets of Christ.  Christ only had to die once in History when He went to the Cross with the SINS of all of us True Prophets of His that He had written in His Book of Life before the foundation of the world – and when He rose from the Dead our sins were purged by His Death and Resurrection which is the 1st resurrection.  Proving that Salvation has ALWAYS been through the shed blood of Christ – NOT by the keeping of the LAW which none of us True Prophets of Christ whether we have lived in the Old Testament Days or now in these New Testament Days could ever keep perfectly to save our own souls. 

CLEARLY -- Christ came to Earth to confirm His New Covenant of Grace with “the many” of us True Prophets whose names were written in His Book of Life just as Christ REVEALED to Daniel in the vision that is recorded in Daniel 9:27.  This awesome prophecy that Christ REVEALED to Daniel of the New Covenant of Grace has now all but been confirmed and completed except for the CONSUMMATION of the Kingdom of Heaven which will take place on the LAST DAY at THE RAPTURE and the 2nd Coming of Christ.  On that prophesied “Day of the Lord” -- it is Christ’s DIVINE PLAN to step back into Man’s dimension to change the mortal bodies of us saved True Prophets of Christ who the Bible calls “the Jews of the Spirit” into immortal resurrected bodies like His so that we can step into the New Heavens and the New Earth that He has waiting for us NOW.

May Christ gives us all the wisdom and faith to accept these TRUTHS – for He is coming back soon!

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