Unity May Be The Democrats Campaign Message

But “The Rapture Truth” Revealed in Christ’s True Eschatology

Prophesies Civil War Along with The Final Spiritual Battle For Today

August 24, 2020

If  the Doctrines That One Believes in are False

Then the Jesus That They Worship  is False also

And That’s Serious with the 2nd Coming of Christ  So Close!!!

August  2, 2020

The Real Rapture Truth Revealed in Christ’s True Eschatology is  That “Gog” is Satan

And  That  Satan has Been Loosed Today to Lead This Final Rebellion

Which is Causing a Time of Great Tribulation That Must Occur Before The Rapture!!!

July  4, 2020

Because of Man’s False Eschatology There is a Pandemic of  

“Strong Delusion” and Confusion That  it is Satan That Christ Revealed is  The 8th King

who is Leading Today’s Final Rebellion which is Causing Today’s Great Tribulation

July 6, 2020

Those in Satan’s  Kingdom are  Being Deceived to Bow a Knee to Him

And to Worship  Him By Placing His  Beast System of Worldly Governments on the Throne of Their Hearts

For He is The Beast and Now the 8th King of Revelation Chapter s13 and 17

June  17, 2020

The Mark of The Beast is The Reprobate Mind  of Man  That is Ruling the World Today

And That is Causing “Pandemic Delusion” and “Mask Hysteria”

as The Whole World Watches  Babylon Fall!!!

May  10,  2020

Christ’s Word Gives Us a Cryptic Spiritual Picture

Of How Long the 42 Months of Satan’ s Prospering as “The Antichrist” Will Last

March  20, 2020

We are Today Living in the Prophesied Time of Great Tribulation 

with The Great Day of God’s Wrath  Right on The  Horizon  -- But  Fortunately Christ Reveals who will Survive  

To  Be Raptured in Daniel and Ezekiel and John’s Visions

March  4, 2020

Christ  is Looking for His “Fact Witnesses” to Stand up for His Truths Today

in Fighting This Final Spiritual  Battle

December  22, 2019

Has The Restoration of Israel  Been Fulfilled – or

Did Christ Prophesy That He would Come the 2nd Time to Bring About

The Restoration of  All Things???!!!

October 30, 2019

Are we Today Witnessing “The  Abomination That Leads to Desolation”

That Christ Prophesied Must Occur as a Prelude to His 2nd Coming???!!!

October  2, 2019

How The Last 3 Plagues That Christ Poured Out  on Pharaoh’s Egyptian Empire

Foreshadows The Last 3 Woes That  He is Pouring Out  Today on

Satan’s  4th and Final  Empire of This World

July  23, 2019

And So We Come to the Final Spiritual Battle

And Christ’s Victory Over Satan

At The Great River Euphrates

Part 2 – “The Battle Plan”

May  16,  2019

And Christ’s Victory Over Satan

At The Great River Euphrates

Part 1 – The Armies and their Commanders

March  24, 2019

The One True Body of Christ That will Be Raptured Soon

Are All Part of the 144,000 That Christ Revealed to John

That He Has Saved Out of This World

February 7, 2019

Christ Revealed That Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy Covers the New Covenant Week

Which Includes Today’s Prophesied Time of Great Tribulation

December 22, 2018

Part 3

On The 8th Day of the Feast of Tabernacles Christ Proclaimed that He was

“The Living Waters” and That His Deliverance From Sin would Usher in The Messianic Age

of His Millennial Kingdom That Began at His 1st Coming

December 4, 2018

Part 2

Christ Revealed in His Word that Daniel’s 70th Week  Prophecy and Zechariah Chapter 14

Covers the New Covenant Week of the Whole Gospel Era

October 24, 2018

Part 1

Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy Covers the Whole Gospel Era

which is Broken into 2 Periods of 3 ½ years Each

And we are Today Living at the very End of the 2nd Period

September 24, 2018

Part 2

Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy Covers the Whole Gospel Era which is Broken into 2 Periods of 3 ½ years Each

And we are Today Living at the very End of the 2nd Period

September 8, 2018

Part 1

Take Heart for Christ has Already Defeated the Beast and His Armies in Today’s Final       Spiritual Conflict of Armageddon

August 6, 2018

What Christ is Revealing About “The Balm of Gilead” Today and 
How it Still Applies to This Apocalypse Generation

    July 8, 2018


        "Armageddon” is The Spiritual City of “Babylon the Great” waging 

            War Against The Spiritual City of Heavenly Jerusalem in the Final 
             Battle on Planet Earth Today
           June 12, 2018


May 22, 2018

   There is Only One Day of Judgment

And that Makes the 
“Bema Seat Judgment”  Yet Another False Doctrine

April 30, 2018

Why the Land of the Middle East Does Not Belong to the

Nation of Israel as their Everlasting Possession

April 20, 2018

The Great Tribulation Began when Satan was Loosed as

“the Abomination of  Desolation”

April  10, 2018

Christ is a Post-Great Tribulationist – Not a Pre-Tribulationist

March 22, 2018  


There is no Pre—Mid—or Post Tribulation because there is no 7 Year Tribulation Period

What Christ Revealed to Daniel about the 70th Week Prophecy

March  12, 2018

Christ Reveals that

Man’s Eschatology of  Only One  Antichrist and One  False Prophet is False!

February 27, 2018

Christ is Speaking to us About these End-Times – But are We Listening?!

Only Those Who Believe in Christ’s True Eschatology will Be Raptured!

February 10, 2018

2nd Commentary for this New Year of where we are Now on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline!

January 26, 2018

Where we are Today Going into this New Year of 2018  on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline

January 7, 2018

Is it Christ’s Will that a 3rd Temple be Rebuilt in Jerusalem today and how does a rebuilt 3rdTemple figure into Bible Prophecy?!

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