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I pray that if the Commentaries on this Bible Prophecy Website have Blessed you that you will seriously consider buying My Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed” for a more in depth study of Christ’s Cause in Coming to Earth.  And that Cause was of course -- to Restore a Remnant of the Nation of Israel to God and to bring the Light of the Gospel Truth of the Kingdom of Heaven to a Remnant of Gentiles in all the Nations of the World.  And clearly -- that was fulfilled in the 1st Part of the 70th Week Prophecy that Christ gave to Daniel.  For Christ was “the Messiah the Prince” who CAME to reconcile both Jews and Gentiles together into THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST!!!  And the Good News is that we are TODAY living at the End of the 2nd Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy when Christ will Come a 2nd Time as THE DELIVERER who will DEFEAT Satan and Rapture us “Elect” to the New Heavens and the New Earth on the LAST DAY of this Human Race. 

CLEARLY -- Christ’s True Eschatology REVEALS that the 70th week Prophecy given to Daniel represents the whole New Testament period from Christ’s death when He strengthened the New Covenant of Grace which is recorded in Daniel 9:27 and Hebrews 9:17 -- up until Christ’s soon 2nd Coming when He will RAPTURE those of us that He has chosen to save on the LAST DAY of this Present Age of Humanity.  Christ REVEALED to Daniel in this infamous 70th Week Prophecy that foretold both of His Advents – that the thousand two hundred and threescore days (1260 days) represents spiritually the first half of this New Covenant week -- which is the time of the testimony of Church Outreach that has now lasted over 2000 years when Christ has been building His True Eternal Universal Church on Earth that now is THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST.   

In other words – Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy is broken up into 2 Parts with the 1st Period being the time of Church Outreach – and the 2nd Part beginning after Christ’s Salvation Program has ended.  And now that it is pretty obvious that every Nation of the World has received the Good News of the Gospel – that means that Salvation has ended and that Christ has given that His Word not be unto Salvation any longer but unto JUDGMENT.  And at the beginning of this 2nd Period -- Christ REVEALED to Daniel that He would take His restraint off of Satan and LOOSE him to fight the Final Spiritual Battle which MUST OCCUR before THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST is Raptured.  And with the LOOSING of Satan came the “silencing and the killing” of our witness in the True Eternal Universal Church of Christ which is going on NOW!!!

For daily we can now see that THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST is being overcome by THE BEAST who is SATAN who is also who Daniel and Ezekiel and John all saw in their visions was “THE ANTICHRIST” that Christ would allowed to take his seat in the External Global Apostate Harlot End-Time Church.  And that clearly makes this present time we are living in TODAY the prophesied time of GREAT TRIBULATION that Christ Himself prophesied we “Elect” would have to endure as a prelude to His 2nd Coming with Satan now LOOSED to fight this Final Spiritual Battle!!! 

But THANKFULLY Christ also REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions of these End-Times -- that Satan’s Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” would be brought down to ruins by Him at the End of this present Age of Humanity.  For they all saw in their visions that Christ would Return to DEFEAT SATAN in this Final Spiritual Battle and then would DELIVER us “Elect” as the Final Spiritual Battle reached its climax at the RAPTURE on the LAST DAY.  And we are THERE!!!

My theme in creating this Website for Christ has been to show that “The Miracle of Christmas” REVEALS the Miracle of Christ’s SALVATION Program.  And so that’s why I wanted to Begin the Website with a Christmas picture of me since I have written all of these Commentaries for Christ – and then to End the Website with the Christmas picture of my son Daniel and I.  For Daniel has helped me put this Website together and we both realize more than ever “The Miracle of Salvation” having both been so blessed to have been saved by Christ!!! 

There’s NO DENYING that Christ has given me a PASSION to study these End-Times -- for over 20 years now and I have accepted the call like Peter did at the time of Christ’s 1st Coming to “feed His Sheep” with THE TRUTH of His Word!!!  And today Christ is calling us in HIS ONE TRUE BODY OF BELIEVERS in this 21st Century at His 2nd Coming to “feed His sheep” with THE TRUTH of His DIVINE PLAN for the days that lie ahead in this prophesied time of Great Tribulation!!! 

Christ went to so much time and effort in REVEALING the events that would take place on Earth between His 1st and 2nd Coming which covers the whole timeframe of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy and also the Timeframe of the awesome Book of Revelation – and He did that for a good reason.  For knowing Christ the way that I have been blessed to know Him – I KNOW with certainty that it is His heart’s desire that we “Elect” would understand His DIVINE PLAN for His 2nd Coming and THE RAPTURE!!! 

But also just as Christ prophesied there would be – there is a whole Army of False Prophets around the Globe that are ready and willing to do Satan’s bidding in promoting LIES about these End-Times.  And they are doing that through the “crafty distortions” of Man’s False Eschatology which appear to be soundly rooted in THE TRUTH -- but are nothing more than Satan’s MANY DECEPTIONS. 

And as far as I can read on the Internet – I’m one of very FEW people that is standing up for Christ’s TRUE ESCHATOLOGY – while others are sadly promoting THE LIES of Man’s ever-so-popular but fabricated False Eschatology about these End-Times!!!  And NONE of THE LIES that are being taught and believed today are going to be FULFILLED!!!  While it is my sincere PRAYER that everything I write based on Christ’s True Eschatology will be fulfilled just as Christ prophesied it would be!!!  The only hope that these False Prophets can offer NOW that Christ has used this Coronavirus to Bring Satan’s Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” down to ruins -- is THE FALSE HOPE that Babylon which is SATAN’S KINGDOM on Earth will come back stronger than ever – NOT “The Blessed Hope” that IS REAL!!!  But that is just NEVER going to happen – for Christ’s DIVINE PLAN all along has been to DEFEAT SATAN and to bring his Evil Empire down to ruins and then to RAPTURE us “Elect.”  And that is the “Real Rapture Truth” that I will be writing about until that GREAT LAST DAY OF THE LORD takes place!!!

But BEFORE “the Day of the Lord” happens -- I pray that you will continue to read the Commentaries on this Website.  For I am 100% Faithful to Christ and am part of His Christian Army today standing up for His True Eschatology in this Final Battle of GOOD AND EVIL and TRUTH AND LIES that is going on all around the Globe between the False Prophets in Satan’s Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” and us True Prophets in Christ’s Kingdom of “Heavenly Jerusalem.”  And if you are interested in “The Real Rapture Truths Revealed” in Christ’s True Eschatology -- and are tired of hearing about THE LIES of Man’s False Eschatology – I PRAY that you will consider buying my Book “Real Rapture Revealed”!!!

May Christ Give us all the Courage Today to Move Forward in Faith until That Last Trumpet is Sounded by Christ on the Last Day .  And May He keep us from the being Deceived by Satan’s Many False Prophets!!!

Mary Sullivan

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