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I have been so Blessed by Christ all of my life to know and understand the True meaning of “the Miracle of Christmas”!!!  That the reason and awesome cause of Christ coming to Earth as “the Messiah the Prince” who CAME the 1st time was to fulfill the 1st Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy.  And Christ has fulfilled that 1st Part of Daniel’s Prophecy today which was to restore a Remnant of the Nation of Israel to God and then to bring the Light of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven to a Remnant of us Gentiles in all the Nations of the World by reconciling both Jews and Gentiles together into THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST. 

But we True Prophets of Christ who are living today with the Return of Christ so near and who are fortunate to be part of THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST now in this 21st Century -- know that “the Miracle of Christmas” will NOT be complete until Christ returns as “the Messiah the Prince” the 2nd time.  For His 2nd Coming is to fulfill the 2nd Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy when He will DELIVER and RAPTURE us “Elect” that He has saved in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST at THE CONSUMMATION of His Restored Kingdom of Heaven that was inaugurated at the Cross.    

In other words “the Greatest Miracle of all” will be Christ’s 2nd Coming soon when He parts the very Heavens and steps back into Man’s dimension again to give us “Elect” a New Resurrected Body like His to match the Resurrected Soul that we received at the Cross when Christ rose from the Dead.  For we know and understand from Christ’s True Eschatology that since the Days of Noah that Christ has been in the process of DELIVERING those of us 1/3 Remnant of this World that He chose to save before the foundation of the World.  And in knowing that -- we are even more Blessed than the 1st Century Disciples of Christ were.  For not only do we have the COMPLETED WORD of God -- but we who are living in this now 21st Century will see with our own eyes on the LAST DAY of this Present Age of Humanity that THE CAUSE OF CHRIST and His FINAL DELIVERANCE will be complete when He changes our Mortal Bodies into Immortal Resurrected Bodies like His to match our Resurrected Souls. 

CLEARLY – Christ’s Word teaches that THE CONSUMMATION on the LAST DAY is the CULMINATION or the bringing to COMPLETION Christ’s realized and restored Kingdom.  And that is truly “the Miracle of Christmas” which teaches that Christ’s resurrection from the Dead is what made His Restored Kingdom of Heaven a REALITY – and His Coming again is what will CONSUMMATE it.

And it is the heartfelt Prayer of my son Daniel and I – for Daniel is the one who has helped me create this Bible Prophecy Website for Christ – that this Prophecy Website has Blessed YOU as much as Christ’s Words about His 2nd Coming and THE RAPTURE have Blessed both of us.  For “the True Miracle of Christmas” and the cause of His Coming to Earth are in “the Rapture Truths” that we have tried to present on this Website!!! 

Just know that we would like to Thank You for any Donation to this Ministry that Christ may put a burden on your heart to give in promoting “The Rapture Truths Revealed” in Christ’s True Eschatology of these End-Times!!!  And it is also our heartfelt Prayer that Christ will help you overcome every obstacle in your path during this prophesied time of Great Tribulation that Christ Himself prophesied that His ONE TRUE BODY would be going through before His 2nd Coming to Rapture us!!!  For we both pray that the Commentaries on this Prophecy Website will help you MOVE FORWARD IN FAITH just as Moses did at the time of Christ’s Deliverance of His People at the Red Sea.    

The Prophet Daniel has to be one of my favorite people who ever lived on this Earth -- and that is WHY I named my son after him.  And my son Daniel and I both pray that this Final Deliverance that Christ REVEALED to the Prophet Daniel in his last vision recorded in Daniel Chapter 12 will be a BLESSING to all of us that make it to the 1,335th Day of this time now of Great Tribulation.  And for sure it will be a BLESSING just as Christ REVEALED to Daniel it would be if we make it to the END of the Great Tribulation – for we will see with our own eyes the SPECTACULAR GLORIOUS 2ND COMING OF CHRIST to Rapture us and to DELIVER us to the New Heavens and New Earth that He has waiting for us now!!!

May Christ Bless us all until that Glorious Day occurs and Thank You for Giving  to this End-Time Ministry for Christ!!!

Daniel and Mary Sullivan   

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