Today’s Excerpt From My New Prophecy Book “Real Rapture Revealed”:

This is taken from the back cover of “Real Rapture Revealed”:

“Real Rapture Revealed” is a Prophecy Book that is based solely on what Christ Himself taught about THE RAPTURE – the timing of it and who He intends to Rapture and who He will leave behind on the Final Day of Judgment which according to His Word is about to take place soon.  Truly – no other Generation has seen ALL of the SIGNS that Christ REVEALED to us in His Apocalyptic Discourse that would precede His 2nd Coming converging together at one time in History as this Apocalypse Generation has.  And while most Prophecy Books are based on the False Eschatology of Man – the reason that you should read this Prophecy Book is because it is consistent with what Christ Himself REVEALED to both Daniel and John in their visions concerning these End-Times

Unlike any other Prophecy Book on the Market today – “Real Rapture Revealed” REVEALS from Heaven’s Viewpoint and Christ’s True Eschatology -- that we are not only ALREADY in the prophesied time of the Great Tribulation that Christ Himself prophesied must occur as a prelude to His 2nd Coming – but that we are at the very END of it when Christ REVEALS the Rapture will take place.  Not only does Christ REVEAL the correct Timing of the Rapture which is what this Prophecy Book is all about -- but if you are interested in what Christ taught about “THE ANTICHRIST” then this Book is definitely for you.  For it REVEALS not only who Christ says “THE ANTICHRIST” is and what the infamous “MARK OF THE BEAST” means – but when he will step up on the stage of Human History and where his City of “Babylon the Great” is located here on Earth.

 “Real Rapture Revealed” will also answer the very important question of whether or not it is part of Christ’s DIVINE PLAN to Return to reign on the Earth for a 1000 years in an Age between this Present Age of Humanity and the Age to Come in the New Heavens and the New Earth -- or whether the Millennial Kingdom of Christ began when Christ walked down the Banks of the Jordan River and was Baptized by John.  And it will hopefully put to rest once and for all whether Christ’s Salvation Plan was FINISHED at the Cross or if it will be finished yet in the Future.  It does this by addressing whether the reason for Christ’s 2nd Coming is to CONSUMMATE His Kingdom of Heaven or to inaugurate His Millennial Kingdom reign for a 1000 years in the near Future reigning from a rebuilt 3rd Temple in the City of Jerusalem.  And most importantly it will not only REVEAL where we are today on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline – but it will also answer where “the Ark of the Covenant” is and when Christ prophesied it will be REVEALED to all who have ever lived and what Christ REVEALED to John about the New Heavens and the New Earth in the Age to Come. 

CLEARLY -- ALL of the questions anyone has ever asked about these End-Times can be found in Christ’s Unadulterated Word of TRUTH that Christ REVEALED to both Daniel and John in their visions of these End-Times.  And those visions are what I have used in writing this Prophecy Book that will REVEAL what Christ’s True Eschatology is about THE RAPTURE and His 2nd Coming which is the only Eschatology that will be fulfilled because it is the only Eschatology that is the Truth and the reason why you should read “Real Rapture Revealed.”

Mary Sullivan  

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