Dear Fellow Christian,

If you are interested in knowing what Christ’s True Eschatology has to say about these End-Times -- which includes the Coronavirus and what Christ REVEALED to John in his 6th and 7th visions aboutthe Fall of Babylon – this article below is for you!!!  I am still working the kinks out of my Websitethat I am in the process of revising now but I pray this short Commentary below will help you to understand that Christ’s Divine Plan has always been to DEFEAT SATAN and to bring his Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” down to ruins just as He did to Pharaoh’s Evil Egyptian Kingdom in Moses’ day. 

Babylon  is Falling

And Jesus Has Left the Building!!!

April 18, 2020

The Prophet Daniel was given a glimpse of Satan’s rise to power as “THE ANTICHRIST” in the unfaithful Congregation of God living at the 2nd Coming of Christ just as Ezekiel and John were also given in their many visions how it would be SATAN that would rise to power to rule in the End-Time External Global Harlot Church at the End of time – NOT One Particular Man.  For clearly – the Apocalyptic Literature of the Bible REVEALS that Christ gave these awesome Prophets their visions of the LOOSING OF SATAN during the final years of Satan’s 4th Kingdom that Christ had John call by the CRYPTIC NAME of “Babylon the Great” in the Book of Revelation so that we would understand that Christ’s DIVINE PLAN was to DEFEAT SATAN and to bring his Kingdom down to ruins during one last Final Spiritual Battle of GOOD AND EVIL and TRUTH AND LIES.  

And we living in this 21st Century can now understand more than any other Generation that has ever lived – that not only are we in that Final Spiritual Battle TODAY – but that the reason WHY Christ has now LOOSED SATAN and his Demonic Army of 200 Million Demons is because this FINAL SPIRITUAL BATTLE of Satan and his VAST ARMY of Antichrists must occur as a prelude to THE RAPTURE and the 2nd Coming of Christ.  For it is one of THE RAPTURE TRUTHS that Christ REVEALED to all of His True Prophets of Old!!!

In other words – the LOOSING of Satan is a JUDGMENT on the unfaithful External Global Harlot Church that John gives a HIGHLY CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL PICUTURE of in The Book of Revelation which he saw “riding THE BEAST SYSTEM” of Satan’s Final Kingdom of “Babylon the Great.”  And not only did John see that the Harlot Church was in bed with Satan and his oppressive Nations of the World which we now recognize as the United Nations – but Christ gave John his 3rd vision recorded in Revelation Chapter 11 to REVEAL where the 2 Witnesses are silenced and killed.  And CLEARLY -- the 2 Witnesses represent THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST today that is being persecuted and reviled now by the False Prophets ruling in the Harlot Church along with Satan which John called “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS” because of its unfaithfulness to Christ. 

Today’s External Global Apostate Church is FORESHADOWED by the unfaithful Priests in the 1st Century.  For just as Christ and His Disciple were reviled and persecuted by the Pharisees and the Sadducees at His 1st Coming – we True Prophets of Christ are today being reviled and persecuted NOW at Christ’s 2nd Coming by the False Prophets in League with Satan in the External Global Harlot Church. 

In other words – Christ being crucified in the idolatrous Congregation in the 1st Century FORESHADOWS the True Gospel of Christ and His True Eschatology being SILENCED AND KILLED by the False Prophets today promoting the False Eschatology of Man in the idolatrous Congregation of this 21st Century at His 2nd Coming.

And that is WHY Christ gave John his 3rd vision – for He wanted us True Prophets of His living at the time of His 2nd Coming to understand that we would also be going through a time of GREAT TRIBULATION when His TRUE ETERNAL UNIVERSAL CHURCH which the 2 Witnesses represent as THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST today – would be going through a time of severe persecution and that we would be reviled and HATED by ALL Nations for our standing firm in the faith.  In other words -- Christ wanted to REVEAL that the SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE of Babylon’s Fall was His Judging those who are persecuting and oppressing His people -- many of whom are the False Prophets in the External Global Harlot Church of today just as the Pharisees and the Sadducees were doing in Christ’s Day. 

CLEARLY – Christ’s GOSPEL TRUTHS have all but been cut off and silenced by Man’s False Eschatology which is the reason WHY Christ has now poured out the 1st 2 of the LAST 3 WOES.  For make no mistake – with these 1st 2 WOES which are the 5th and 6th Bowl Judgments – Christ has allowed Satan to BLIND the 2/3 Remnant of the World’s population that exist on this Earth in their unsaved soul conditions in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great.”  And part of that BLINDNESS is a REFUSAL to believe that we are even in THE GREAT TRIBULATION and that Christ is executing JUDGMENT against them for their unfaithfulness to Him and His True Eschatology!!!     

For CLEARLY -- what we learn from Christ’s True Eschatology is that the 1st Century’s APOSTASY foreshadows the GREAT APOSTASY that Christ had Paul and His other Prophets prophesy would take place BEFORE the 2nd Coming of Christ.  That’s WHY today is almost an instant repeat of the 1st Century when Christ was crucified in Jerusalem.  For the City of Jerusalem had become so CORRUPT and EMBELLISHED with the False Gospel which later became known as Judaism and what is still to this day a CHRIST-REJECTING RELIGION – that the Pharisees and the Sadducees didn’t even recognize that Christ was “the Messiah the Prince” that Christ had Daniel prophesy in his 70th Week Prophecy who would come to save them from their sins.  AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!!  

For the most popular Eschatology of Man today still DENIES that it was Christ’s 1st Coming in Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy that prophesied HIM as “the Messiah the Prince” who CAME.  And so much of Christendom has sadly NOW accepted THE LIE that Daniel 9:27 is a prophecy about a Future “ANTICHRIST” who has NOT YET COME but will come AFTER the Rapture of the Church and BEFORE the Great Tribulation!!!  But this False Eschatology of Man which is based on Dispensational Pre-Millennialism -- is no less than Judaism in New Testament Apparel!!! 


The reference to Sodom in John’s 3rd vision recorded in Revelation 11:8 -- is a reference to the degrading and base Spiritual condition that the City of Jerusalem at the 1st Coming of Christ had fallen into which only FORESHADOWS the SPIRITUAL DECLENSION of the Harlot Apostate Congregation of Christ TODAY who has also “fallen away” from the TRUTH of God’s Word!!!  And the reference to Egypt was a reference of a City engrafted into IDOLATRY AND PAGAN WORSHIP which not only described The Temple in Christ’s Day -- but also FORESHADOWS the Harlot Church of The Book of Revelation.  For John saw in his vision how the External Global Apostate Church at the time of Christ’s 2nd Coming would also “fall away” and be just as Worldly as the Pagan Nations just as the Congregation had at His 1st Coming. 

And John gives us a HIGHLY CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL PICTURE of how the unfaithful Congregation today is in a sense crucifying Christ all over again by crucifying His 2 Witnesses which represent the ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST.  For clearly -- John’s 3rd vision prophesies how the testimony of THE ONE TRUE BODY of Christ has now TODAY been “killed and silenced” when we read:

“When they finish their testimony, (which is today now that Christ has saved and “sealed” everyone in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST!!!) THE BEAST (who is SATAN!!!) that ascends out of the Bottomless Pit will MAKE WAR against them, overcome them, and kill them.  And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the Great City which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. (which is today the External Global Harlot Church!!!) Then those from the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations will see their dead bodies three-and-a-half days, (which is CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE for the timeframe of this time of GREAT TRIBULATION when the 2nd Part of Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy is being fulfilled and Satan is ruling as “THE ANTICHRIST”!!!) and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves.  And those who dwell on the Earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the Earth.” (in other words – the False Prophets in League with Satan will be glad that they have silenced and KILLED the True Witnesses of Christ today!!!) (Revelation 11:7-10)

CLEARLY -- what Christ was trying to convey through John’s 3rd vision above – was that the Great City of Jerusalem had become just as corrupt as the WORLD OF PAGAN UNSAVED PEOPLE at the time of Christ’s 1st Coming!!!  AND SO IT GOES TODAY at Christ’s 2nd Coming with the Apostate Harlot External Global Church becoming just like the godless unsaved World by letting Worldliness creep into God’s House and overcome it.  And this External Global Harlot Church is NOT to be confused with the True Eternal Universal Church that Christ has established and is the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” where those of us in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST dwell on this Earth in our saved soul existence.  For we are part of the “two witnesses” that John saw in his 3rdvision who have remained FAITHFUL to Christ and His True Eschatology about these End-Times!!!  In other words -- we believe THE RAPTURE TRUTHS REVEALED in Christ’s Word about these End-Times that BABYLON MUST FALL!!!          

It is also indeed SPIRITUALLY SIGNIFICANT to our Apocalypse Generation of today that Daniel’s prophetic office coincided with the exile of Christ’s unfaithful Congregation to BABYLON – AND HERE’S WHY!!!  The Babylonian Captivity is presented in the Bible as a FORESHADOW and a WARNING to the End-Time Congregation of Christ.  But sadly – most of Christendom is NOT heeding this WARNING!!!  For so much of Christendom today has now become part of the Harlot Church of Revelation.  And just like the unfaithful Congregation in Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s Day which was still unfaithful when Christ began His Ministry in the 1st Century – the External Global Harlot Church of today is the MOST UNFAITHFUL of all Congregations of Christ by far. 

For we now have the COMPLETED AND CLOSED Word of Christ and people still REFUSE to believe it but would rather add to and subtract from it what they think in their own imaginations the Events will be that will take place before the 2nd Coming of Christ.  When CLEARLY -- both of the times of unfaithfulness in the Old Testament Days foreshadow the Harlot Church’s CAPTIVITY today to WORLDLINESS and Satan’s LIES!!!

And that’s WHY it needs to be noted that all 4 of Daniel’s personal visons prophesy of the GREAT TRIBULATION that Christ Himself prophesied that we True Prophets would be going through before His 2nd Coming when He would take His restraint off of Satan and LOOSE him for his “LITTLE SEASON” to rule as “THE ANTICHRIST.”  For clearly -- the vision of Daniel Chapter 8 when Christ REVEALED that “the little horn” was SATAN – differs from the visions recorded in Daniel Chapters 2 and 7.  And again HERE’S WHY that is SPIRITUALLY SIGNIFICANT going through this time of GREAT TRIBULATION today -- for the visions of Daniel Chapters 2 and 7 focused on the Kingdoms that would prevail on the Earth from The Kingdom of Babylon in King Nebuchadnezzar’s day until the LAST DAY which is TODAY’S 4th and Final Kingdom of Satan that we are living in NOW which is what Daniel Chapter 8 focuses on!!! 

And what we need to focus on in watching “BABYLON FALL” – is that this vision of “THE ANTICHRIST” given to Daniel in Chapter 8 concentrates especially on Satan’s power to rule on Earth Mightily during this Final “little season” near the End of time just as Christ allowed King Nebuchadnezzar to rule mightily over his unfaithful Congregation in Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s Day!!!

In other words – when Christ wanted to punish Israel and Judah for their APOSTASY – He ALLOWED the wicked Assyrians and the Babylonians to corrupt them and then to finally DESTROY the unsaved Remnant that were never chosen as Christ’s “Elect.”  For clearly – every Generation has had only a 1/3 Remnant at anytime in History that Christ has chosen to save as He REVEALED to Zechariah recorded in Zechariah 13:8-9.  And the JUDGMENT in Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s Day FORESHADOWS this Final Judgment today – which is another case of Christ REMOVING His hand of restraint on Satan and those in League just like he did in the Old Testament Days for JUDGMENT. 

In other words -- Christ was then and now TODAY -- using SATAN and his godless Army as His instrument of JUDGMENT.  And rather than applying His hand of restraint on Israel’s enemies – He LOOSED their enemies upon them as JUDGEMENT for their unfaithfulness to Him.  THINK ABOUT IT -- that aspect of Christ’s control even over SATAN and those in League with him is ESSENTIAL to our understanding of these End-Times.  For all of Christ’s True Prophets saw that before Christ’s 2nd Coming that He would allow SINFULNESS in the World to increase by releasing His Restraint on Satan.  And that the LOOSING of Satan would be a JUDGMENT on those who were unfaithful to Christ and His Word – for Satan would DECEIVE THEM and BLIND them right into Hell with him!!!

And this RAPTURE TRUTH REVEALED to Christ’s True Prophets – was that we True Prophets of Christ living before His 2nd Coming today would have to go through the Final time of BABYLONIAN JUDGMENT just like Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah had to go through that time of JUDGMENT when Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar ruled over them!!!  And what we need to understand going through this time of Judgment on “Babylon the Great” -- is that Christ’s JUDGMENT is NOT released on those who are faithful to Him – but on those who ARE NOT!!!  And just as Christ had Jeremiah tell the FAITHFUL during that time of JUDGMENT -- that even though they were going through 70 years of Babylon’s rule over them in captivity – that Christ’s DIVINE PLAN was to give them hope and a future. 

And of course the CRYPTIC MESSAGE was that the REAL TRUE Eternal Promised Land of the Faithful in Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s Day would not be the return to the LITERAL City of Jerusalem – but would be their DEVLIVERANCE at the End of time to the NEW HEAVENS AND THE NEW EARTH as we read in Jeremiah 29:11 -- which is just what Christ is still telling us faithful TODAY!!!

For even though Satan has been LOOSED today and SIN AND IMMORALITY AND WICKEDNESS along with LAWLESSNESS are spreading around the Globe like wildfire with Satan now LOOSED as “THE ANTICHRIST” to rule mightily just as King Nebuchadnezzar had in Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s Day -- it marks Satan’s Final Epoch rule of this World.  And this 4thKingdom of Satan TODAY is identified in Christ’s True Eschatology as the Kingdom that Daniel saw in his vision that would finally be brought down to ruins.  In other words -- Christ REVEALED to Daniel that sin and WORLDLINESS would infiltrate His Congregation again.  And that as a PUNISHMENT Christ would use SATAN and his Army of godless men just as He had used the Babylonians of King Nebuchadnezzar’s Day to rule over Israel as His instrument of Judgment for their unfaithfulness to Him!!!   

And what is so important for us who are faithful to Christ like Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah were to understand – is that Pharaoh and King Nebuchadnezzar were BOTH “types” of SATAN.  And that the unsaved of all the Nations of this World will be serving the False God who is SATAN right up until the 2nd Coming of Christ – NOT One Particular Man of the Future who hasn’t even stepped up on the stage of Humanity yet.  But clearly – Christ wanted us living at the time of His 2nd Coming to understand that there would be FALSE PROPHETS who would say just like Hananiah did in Jeremiah’s Day that Christ somehow GOT IT ALL WRONG.  And just like Hananiah did – they would make God’s people trust in A LIE about how long the Babylonian Judgment would last when we read:

“Go and tell Hananiah, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord: “You have broken the yokes of wood, but you have made in their place yokes of iron.” For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: “I have put a yoke of iron on the neck of ALL these Nations, that they may serve Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon; and they shall serve him.  I have given him the beasts of the field also.” (Jeremiah 28:13-14)

CLEARLY  -- the CRYPTIC MESSAGE and SPIRITUAL TRUTH that Christ was trying to convey to us TODAY living in this time now when the New Testament Congregation of Christ is being Judged for their unfaithfulness to God’s Word -- is that this wicked King of Babylon was a “type” of Satan which the whole unsaved world is still serving TODAY and WILL SERVE until Christ’s 2nd Coming!!!

For Christ REVEALED to Daniel and Ezekiel and John in their visions of these End-Times that there is NO EARTHLY King that could have that much power -- EXCEPT of course “the god of this Present Age of Humanity” who did gain SPIRITUAL DOMINION over all the Earth when he was successful in getting Adam and Eve to disobey Christ in the Garden of Eden.  And that False god was of course SATAN who is the god of the 2/3 Remnant of this World that Christ REVEALED to Zechariah that would NOT BE SAVED but would serve SATAN right up until the 2nd Coming of Christ when they would be “cut off” and perish as we read recorded in Zechariah 13:8-9!!!

It just can’t be reiterated enough that Christ Himself prophesied that the #1 SIGN of His 2nd Coming would be that of SPIRITUAL DECLENSION and a time of GREAT APOSTASY when MANY False Prophets would come deceiving even the very “Elect” if that were possible as we read in Matthew Chapter 24.  And clearly – APOSTASY is the willful rejection of Christ and His teachings by Professed Christian Believers who in their “strong delusion” erroneously think that Christ somehow got it ALL WRONG in His Eschatology but Man in his False Eschatology has gotten it ALL RIGHT.   

And that is exactly what we see happening today when Paul prophesied from the Lord that those who believe A LIE – meaning Man’s False Eschatology and NOT Christ’s True Eschatology – will come under STRONG DELUSION because they REFUSE to believe that we are even in the Final Spiritual Battle and the time of Great Tribulation when Christ is OBVIOUSLY now BRINGING “BABYLON THE GREAT” DOWN in ruins by using this WORLDWIDE Plague of the Coronavirus causing the whole Global Economy soon to collapse!!!

When Christ was still building His True Eternal Universal Church on Earth Satan was restrained and bound by Christ by His Victory over Satan at the Cross.  And Satan was NOT FREE until this “proper time” in History when Christ has NOW saved and “sealed” everyone from all the Nations in the World whose names are in His Book of Life to go out and DECEIVE THE NATIONS as Satan was doing before the Cross.  And now that all Christ’s “Elect” have been saved and “sealed” with The Blood of the Lamb – Christ has LOOSED Satan and those in his Army to fight today’s Final Spiritual Battle.  And THE RAPTURE TRUTH REVEALED to John in his 7th vision recorded in Revelation Chapter 20 -- was that as soon as Christ took His restraint off of Satan and LOOSED him -- that Satan would go out and DECIEVE the False Prophets in his Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” to MAKE WAR with us True Prophets of Christ who are standing up for Christ’s True Eschatology.  And make no mistake – Christ’s True Eschatology REVEALS that we will NOT be Raptured until the END OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION – NOT BEFORE!!!! 

In other words – we True Prophets of Christ have come to the Final Spiritual Battle.  And there is NO going back now to a Golden Age of Worldwide Bliss and harmony where everyone in the World will just get along as the World returns to “normal” again after Christ has clearly allowed this Coronavirus to BRING SATAN’S Kingdom of BABYLON DOWN – HARDLY!!!  For this is a World that has come under the FINAL JUDGMENT OF GOD!!!  And there is only faith found in the 1/3 Remnant that Christ chose to save before the foundation of the World who are standing firm on His Promise to help us overcome even in this time now of GREAT TRIBULATION!!!

And what that means is that Christ is giving those who have “fallen away” from the faith up in JUDGMENT which is what is meant by “the removal of the restrainer” in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7-8.  For CLEARLY -- what Christ meant for Paul to convey with this prophecy was NOT that the Holy Spirit of Christ would be removed at the time of a SECRET SIGN-LESS RAPTURE of the Church BEFORE this time of Great Tribulation – A MILLION TIMES NO!!!  For Paul NEVER prophesied that the Holy Spirit would ever cease to be OMNIPRESENT on this Earth – but that there would come a time when the Holy Spirit’s work of RESTRAINING LAWLESSNESS CEASES because the Great Commission is OVER AND COMPLETE!!!  And that THEN Christ would allow unsaved Mankind to go their own way causing a time of GREAT TRIBULATION for those of us like Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah who have remained faithful to Christ and His Words of TRUTH about these End-Times!!!

In the Gospel of Luke we read Christ prophesying: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls.” (Luke 11:17)  And what Christ and His Holy Spirit were trying to convey – was that He will NOT stay in the same External Global Harlot Church where Satan has now taken his seat as “THE ANTICHRIST”!!!  For SATAN is now leading the 2/3 Remnant of this World’s population who are NOT SAVED in one Final Rebellion against Christ and us True Prophets of Christ.  And what we need to understand is that “CHRIST HAS LEFT THE BUILDING” so to speak -- and we True Prophets of Christ should be heading for THE EXIT SIGN of the External Global Harlot Church right along behind Him if we know what is good for our Spiritual Well-being!!!

For CHRIST LEAVING THE BUILDING of Satan’s Kingdom of Babylon is much like the CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL PICTURE that we get in Moses’ Day at that time of Deliverance when Moses appeared before Pharaoh before the LAST PLAGUE of the “Angel of Death” was poured out and Pharaoh told Moses to “get out of his sight” – that the next time he saw him that he would kill Moses if he were ever to see his face again.  And in my humble Bible Prophecy understanding that is a foreshadow of this Coronavirus that has been poured out today when we read what happened in Moses’ day when he pronounced that AFTER the LAST PLAGUE – that THEN Pharaoh would let God’s people go:

“So Moses said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt.  Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well.  There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt -- worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.   But among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animal.’ Then you will know that the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.  All these officials of yours will come to me, bowing down before me and saying, ‘Go, you and all the people who follow you!’ After that I will leave.”

Then Moses, hot with anger, left Pharaoh.”

(Exodus 11:4-8)

In this time when Christ is bringing Satan’s Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” down – HONESTLY -- it just can’t be reiterated enough that Moses’ was “type” of CHRIST just as Pharaoh was a “type” of SATAN!!!  And THINK ABOUT IT – Christ has come to DELIVER US who belong to Him from Satan’s Kingdom FOREVER in this Final Deliverance.  But many would rather stay in Babylon and Pray that Babylon gets back to “normal” again -- when what they are really praying for is for Satan to continue ruling over everyone on this Earth – GOD FORBID!!! 

And we can see clearly now how Christ is separating those of us who are PRO-CHRIST from those who are ANTI-CHRIST whether Mankind admits it or NOT!!!  For many have been DECEIVED by Satan -- who are just as Narcissistic as Satan is -- in thinking of themselves AS GOD just as Pharaoh did also and just as all those in League with Satan have done since the beginning of time!!! And because Christ’s Congregation has been so unfaithful to Him – He is now saying to all those who want to be the King in their own Kingdoms instead of serving Christ as the KING in His – “You want LAWLESSNESS rather than LAWFULNESS” by serving the god of this World who is SATAN – FINE!!!”  And just like Moses did – Christ has now turned “hot with Anger” and left those godless people to their own reprobate way of thinking to now be TOTALLY ruled over by SATAN!!!

In other words -- Christ has given unsaved Mankind just what they wanted – He has removed His hand of restraint on Satan and has allowed him to be their KING!!!  But in doing so -- He has ALSO given that His Word NOT be unto Salvation anymore – but unto JUDGMENT!!!  And in JUDGMENT He has allowed this Coronavirus to crash the whole Global Economy!!!!!!!

When Christ had Moses pronounce the LAST PLAGUE OF DEATH on Pharaoh and his Evil Egyptian Empire – THAT FORESHADOWED what is happening today when by THE FINGER OF GOD Christ has again allowed this LAST PLAGUE of the Coronavirus to bring Satan’s whole Empire of the United Nations down in Economic ruin.  For John saw the Fall of Babylon taking place in just ONE DAY and that it would never recover because it is part of CHRIST’S DIVINE PLAN to bring Satan’s Kingdom down to ruins just like He did with Pharaoh’s Kingdom in Moses’ day when we read:

“Therefore her plagues will come in ONE DAY -- death and mourning and famine.  And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who Judges her.  “The Kings of the Earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that Great City Babylon, that mighty city!  For in ONE HOUR your Judgment has come.’” . . . . .“They (which refers to the False Prophets who exist in their unsaved souls in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great”!!!) threw dust on their heads and cried out, weeping and wailing, and saying, ‘Alas, alas, that Great City, in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth!   For in ONE HOUR she is made desolate.’”(Revelation 18)

CLEARLY – the RAPTURE TRUTH REVEALED that must take place BEFORE Christ’s 2ndComing to Rapture us “Elect” is that BABYLON WILL FALL – and IS FALLING TODAY!!!   But sadly because so MANY have REFUSED to believe Christ’s True Eschatology today – they will all be “taken by surprise” going on with their lives as they always have NOT thinking that the Final Day of Judgment is right on the Horizon when Christ finally does part the very Heavens and steps back into Man’s dimension again.  Christ had His True Prophet Isaiah prophesy of the LAST DAY which is coming to a theatre near all of us on Earth soon today when we read: “In the evening SUDDEN TERROR!  Before the morning, they are gone!” (Isaiah 17:14)  For just as Christ REVEALED to John that “Babylon would Fall” in ONE DAY – so too the Earth will be destroyed by the FIRE OF GOD’S WRATH in ONE DAY which is the LAST DAY of this Present Age of Humanity!!!    

Satan has DECEIVED the 2/3 unsaved Remnant of the Nations of this World today just as Christ prophesied he would – and not only in RELIGIOUS matters -- but also in POLITICS – ECOMONICS – OCCULTISM – GLOBAL CLIMATE CONTROL – SCIENCE and just about every aspect of this life when Christ had John prophesy about Babylon’s Fall: “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the Bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the Earth; for by thy sorceries were ALL NATIONS DECEIVED.” (Rev. 18:23)     

CLEARLY – by Satan’s SATANIC LIES which are no more than WITCHCRAFT AND SORCERIES – the unsaved have been deceived into thinking that Babylon will rise again when Christ had Isaiah prophesy THE TRUTH for today -- that BABYLON would fall and never rise again when we read:

“See, the DAY OF THE LORD is coming – a CRUEL DAY, with WRATH and FIERCE ANGER – to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.  (whose sins have NOT been forgiven by Christ!!!)  The stars of the Heaven and their constellations will NOT show their light.  The rising SUN will be darkened and the Moon will NOT give its light.  I will PUNISH the WORLD for its EVIL, the wicked for their sins.  I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless.  I will make man scarcer than pure gold, more RARE than the gold of Ophir.  Therefore I will make the Heavens tremble; and the Earth will shake from it’s place at THE WRATH of the Lord Almighty, in THE DAY of His BURNING ANGER.” (Isaiah 13:9-13)

And Christ has prophesied just WHEN this LAST DAY will occur when He said that it would take place AFTER this time now of GREAT TRIBULATION when Babylon is now TODAY FALLING when we read Christ’s TIMING OF THE RAPTURE:

“Immediately after the (Great) Tribulation of those days the Sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from Heaven, and the powers of the Heavens will be shaken.  Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in Heaven, and then all the tribes of the Earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of Heaven with power and Great Glory.  And He will send His angels with a great sound of a Trumpet, (which is the LAST 7th Trumpet!!!) and they will gather together His ELECT from the four winds, from one end of Heaven to the other.”

(Matthew 24:29-31)

HONESTLY -- that is ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT RAPTURE TRUTHS that Christ has everREVEALED to mankind – that He is Coming on the LAST DAY to separate His people from Satan’s people when we “Elect” will be RAPTURED in “a flash and the twinkling of an eye”!!!  And the 2/3 Remnant who exist in their unsaved souls in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great” will be “LEFT BEHIND” to watch THE RAPTURE only to next find themselves standing before Christ on His Great White Throne in Heaven after Heaven and Earth have been destroyed.  And we are THERE!!!

AGAIN -- it just can’t be reiterated enough that Moses was a “type” of Christ that God used as His vessel in delivering His people from Egyptian Slavery.  And clearly Christ wanted Moses to REVEAL to God’s People that the 10 Plagues being poured out on Egypt was His way of fighting for them against Pharaoh who was a “type” of Satan.  In other words -- bringing Satan’s Evil Egyptian Empire down to ruins was a GOOD THING -- for it forced Pharaoh to LET GOD’S PEOPLE GO!!!

AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!!  For CLEARLY -- Satan and those in League with him will continue to use their evil Communist and godless Regimes to oppress those of us in Christ’s SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” here on Earth unless Christ fights for us and brings Satan’s last Evil Empire down to ruins.  And even though the Elites who want to rule this World do NOT realize that who they are really serving is “the god of this Age” who is SATAN!!! – in their creating this evil Coronavirus Christ has turned their EVIL DEEDS back on them as JUDGMENT on their own heads!!!  For He is using this Coronavirus to bring their own EVIL EMPIRE DOWN to ruins!!!  THINK ABOUT IT – their evil deeds have boomeranged on them.  And while Christ is using the Coronavirus against Satan and those in League with him to bring Babylon down to ruins today – He is making a distinction between those of us in His SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” who will soon be DELIVERED – and those in Satan’s SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great” who will be “LEFT BEHIND” on the LAST DAY for JUDGMENT just as those were in Moses’ Day at that time of deliverance!!! 

Christ REVEALED THE RAPTURE TRUTH to John in his 7th vision that Satan’s Kingdom and SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great” represents the unsaved 2/3 Remnant of this World who do NOT have the “seal” of God invisibly written upon them by Christ but “THE MARK OF THE BEAST.”  And because they are all ANTICHRIST and in opposition to Christ – it is Christ’s DIVINE PLAN that “Babylon WILL FALL” BEFORE the Final Deliverance on the LAST DAY.  But until then we “Elect” must MOVE FORWARD IN FAITH trusting Christ to DELIVER US SOON!!! 

For the DELIVERANCE from Pharaoh in Moses’ Day only FORESHADOWED what Christ REVEALED to Daniel in His 70th Week Prophecy – that He would come Himself the 1st time as “the Messiah the Prince” to deliver His people and the 2nd Time to CONSUMMATE His restore Kingdom of Heaven and to set His People FREE once and for all Eternity from SATAN!!!  And that LAST DAY when THE RAPTURE occurs is right on the Horizon!!!  And what Moses said to the Israelites at the Red Sea -- Christ is saying to us today: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)

Just know that Christ is fighting for us today against Satan and those in League with Him and HE WILL DELIVER US out of this time of GREAT TRIBULATION soon.  That we only need to “be still” and trust in His DIVINE PLAN of DEFEATING SATAN and bringing Satan’s 4th and Final Kingdom of this World down where Satan will no longer be “the ruler of this World” or “the god of this Age”!!!    

Until Christ sounds His Final 7th Trumpet  --just know that I will be Forever in His Service!!!

Mary Sullivan

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