To all interested Christians,


The subject of this particular Commentary has a special place in my heart because over 20 years ago now Christ called me to be a “WATCHMAN ON THE WALL” for Him and the 1st Commentary that I wrote was one that He put a burden on my heart to write and title: “NOAH KNEW.”  Hopefully my writing style has gotten a lot better – for it was a 50 page Commentary of practically ONE RUN-ON SENTENCE with no paragraphs or breaks – oh, dear!!!  I’ve long misplaced that paper in our many moves -- but the message is still the same – that NOAH KNEW that Judgment was coming because Christ TOLD HIM!!!  AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!! 

Christ has gone to so much trouble in giving Daniel and Ezekiel and John their visions of these End-Times so that we would KNOW from Him just WHEN the Final Day of Judgment would happen so that we wouldn’t be taken by surprise like all of the 21st Antediluvians SOON will be when Christ finally does part the very Heavens and steps back into our dimension to RAPTURE US!!!  I wrote “NOAH KNEW” when we still had our beautiful house in San Jose and I remember walking outside and standing on the driveway one sunny California day and there was the most gorgeous white cloud that I had ever seen.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it for not only was it uncommonly large and BEAUTIFUL – but it seemed like I could have just reached up and touched it.  And what was even more surreal was that I almost felt as if JESUS was in that cloud and that He was telling me that He was going to use me to get His people through this time of Judgment just as He had gotten Noah and his family through THE GREAT FLOOD!!! 

That day Christ put a PASSION in my heart to learn more from Him about THE RAPTURE and His 2nd Coming -- and I’ve been writing commentaries for Him ever since with my Love for Him growing stronger every day.  And just as NOAH KNEW – I know that He not only has His “seal” and “THE MARK OF SALVATION” on each of us that He chose to save -- but that we have His promise which is our Blessed Hope” that He is going to get us through this time of Great Tribulation.  And that on the 1,335th day which He REVEALED to Daniel was the LAST DAY of this prophesied Great Tribulation -- that He is Coming back to DELIVER AND RAPTURE US!!!  On that Blessed Day He will give each of us a new resurrected body like His so that we can step into His dimension and “in a flash and the twinkling of an eye” we will see the New Heavens and the New Earth that He has waiting for us NOW making these trials and tribulations on this Earth all disappear from sight and memory in a heartbeat!!!

I’m praying that Day will be soon -- for the SATANIC BONDAGE on this Earth is getting stronger each passing day now when the Elites think that they somehow were appointed to rule the World.  But the POWER and DELUSION of Grandeur that they have is NOT from Christ but from SATAN in their wanting to take away our GOD-GIVEN LIBERTIES!!!  Their rule of this World along with Satan’s rule is about to come to an END!!!  And even if we have to endure their SATANIC BONDAGE for this short “little season” of GREAT TRIBULATION – we should never forget that Christ has ALREADY set us FREE from SATAN – SIN – AND THE 2ND DEATH if He chose to save us!!!  And that He is coming back soon to put an END to these Evil schemes of Satan and those of his EVIL GENERATION!!!  CLEARLY -- these days are foreshadowed by the time of the oppressive Roman Empire that the 1st Century Christians had to endure – and lest we forget -- they made it through with their saved souls intact and so will we!!!!!!!!!!   

I’m trusting in Christ to give me the Words of encouragement that He gave to Noah waiting for the Great Flood to be over.  For I KNOW that He wants us “Elect” to make it through this time of Worldwide Judgment!!!  And just like NOAH KNEW – there will be DELIVERANCE through this time of Judgment which will come at the END on the 1,335th day.  But before that Day comes this Final Spiritual Battle must be fought – for it is also Christ’s Sovereign Will and DIVINE PLAN to DEFEAT SATAN and to bring his Kingdom of “Babylon the Great” down and THEN TO DELIVER US!!! 

I pray that this Commentary will EXPOSE the LIES about “the marking” of mankind.  For False Prophets are causing more fear TODAY than the Coronavirus has caused with their LIES about a Future “ANTICHRIST” and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”!!!  Rest assured there is NO mark that man can put on us that could ever erase the indelible ink that Christ has used to mark us with -- which is His shed Blood that He Himself has written upon those of us that He chose to save even before the foundation of the world!!!!! 

I’m sure Christ is in Heaven now LAUGHING at the evil schemes of “The LAWLESS MAN” which is “The Man of Sin” who He never chose to save and forgive and who He invisibly has marked with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” to show that these LAWLESS MEN are NOT part of His “Spiritual family” – but part of “Satan’s Spiritual family.”  And according to what Christ REVEALED to Zechariah over 2500 years ago now Satan has had a VAST ARMY of Antichrists doing his bidding and promoting his LIES about these End-Times since the Garden of Eden.  But Satan’s rule along with the rule of the LAWLESS MAN ruling under him is about to END which is why Christ had David write:

“The Lord laughs at him,
For He sees that his Day is coming.
The wicked have drawn the sword
And have bent their bow,
To cast down the poor and needy,
To slay those who are of upright conduct.
 Their sword shall enter their own heart,
And their bows shall be broken.”

(Psalm 37:13-15)

There WILL be a Day of Judgment and it is coming soon!!!  For just as NOAH KNEW – Christ has also TOLD US!!!

May Christ give us all THE FAITH TO MOVE FORWARD until He sounds the LAST TRUMPET at the End of this Great Tribulation!!!

Mary Sullivan

Christ’s True Eschatology Reveals That we are Living in

“The Days of Noah” Now when He is Ready to Pour Out the Last 3rd Woe!!!

May 18, 2020 

The Bible is without a doubt the Greatest Love Story ever written!!!  For starting with the Book of Genesis Christ REVEALS that His DIVINE PLAN has always been to DELIVER His “Elect” in His “Chosen Generation” from SATAN – SIN – and THE 2ND DEATH.  And that 2nd Death is HIS WRATH of being thrown into HELL for sin that He as “the Messiah the Prince” in Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy CAME to save us “Elect” from!!!  And certainly His dying on the Cross proves His undying LOVE and Amazing GRACE that He has shown for all of us that He has now saved in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST -- which according to what Christ REVEALED to Zechariah over 2500 years ago is only a 1/3 Remnant of this Human Race!!!

And while the DELIVERANCE of Christ’s 1/3 Remnant which He REVEALED to Zechariah He would save that is recorded in Zechariah 13:8-9 started in Human History with Noah and his family – it has now reached all the way to the FINAL DELIVERANCE that will take place very SOON on the LAST DAY of this Human Race.  And we know that this Final Deliverance is very near today because THE SIGNS that Christ REVEALED to us that would  signal His 2nd Coming and THE RAPTURE are all converging together now right before our eyes as they NEVER HAVE BEFORE in Human History -- including THE FALL OF BABLYON!!! 

Make no mistake – the Bible is EXPLICITLY CLEAR that there WILL be a FINAL GENERATION who will see all of these SIGNS converging together which includes “The Fall of Babylon” that is Satan’s Kingdom just as Christ Himself prophesied in these verses below in the Gospel of Matthew.  And Christ REVEALS through those SIGNS that the APOCALYPSE GENERATION that we are living in today is this FINAL GENERATION when we read:

“Even so, when you see all these things, (THE SIGNS!!!) you know that it is near, right at the door. (which of course refers to the FINAL DELIVERANCE in Human History at Christ’s 2nd Coming that is prophesied in Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy!!!) Truly I tell you, THIS Generation will certainly not pass away until all these things (OR SIGNS!!!) have happened.” (Matthew 24:33-34)

There will always be “scoffers” who will be DECEIVED into thinking like the godless scientists do -- that this World will go on for millions of more years – but for the BIBLICAL answer to the question of whether this is THE GENERATION that will witness the 2nd Coming of Christ or NOT – we must look to The Book of Matthew.  For the Gospel of Matthew not only contains the Apocalyptic Discourse of Christ listing THE SIGNS and the Events that must take place before the FINAL DELIVERANCE of Mankind occurs – but this awesome Book also contains the [genesis] or the origin and the family source or kindred of Jesus Christ Himself.  And OBVIOUSLY one needs to know if Christ Himself considers us to be part of His “family” in order to know if we have been saved or NOT!!!  For to be saved by Christ means that you BELONG to Christ.  And as His possession you have a “relationship” with Him.  For the evidence of true Salvation is that Christ’s Holy Spirit dwells within you and you can hear His voice through His Word and Holy Spirit and can pray to Him and that He will answer you through those Prayers. 

In other words – being SAVED is NOT just belonging to a certain religion or Denomination – for to be saved by Christ one has to be “chosen” and drawn and called by Christ Himself into His Kingdom of Heaven where He gives us “Elect” the FAITH and the Spiritual eyes to believe THE TRUTH of His Gospel after 1st being indwelt with His Holy Spirit.  And because our relationship with Christ is 100% His doing since He chose us and called us and drew us and circumcised our hearts and indwelled us His Holy Spirit and has since been sanctifying us – what is even MORE evidence of Salvation is that we have been “sealed” by Christ with His “MARK OF SALVATION” which is the Blood of Christ.  And that “seal” of “THE MARK OF SALVATION” only Christ ALONE can give!!!  And that’s WHY the awesome Gospel of Matthew has a list of Christ’s ancestral or family History pointing to the fact that SALVATION is indeed rooted in “family” relationship with Christ which is a personal relationship of knowing Him as our Heavenly Father.  

For CLEARLY to be saved one must be of “the seed of Christ” and be part of His Family by His CHOOSING us even before the foundation of the World which is what “ELECTION” and “PREDESTINATION” means and what Christ prophesied was His Gospel TRUTH of Salvation!!!  That we must be “born again” by His Spirit to receive the GIFT of Salvation which is given to us by GRACE – NOT because of our RACE!!!

Christ’s Word REVEALS that a TRUE ISRAELITE is born of “the seed of God” no matter WHAT RACE or Nationality one is of – for Christ is NO RESPECTER of persons.  So how does one become “born of the seed of God” so that they will be Raptured to the New Heavens and the New Earth on the LAST DAY which is the FINAL DAY OF DELIVERANCE -- or if they die before THE LAST DAY???!!!  I mean -- how does one know if their soul will go to Heaven when they die -- or if they are alive today when THE RAPTURE takes place soon that they will be RAPTURED???!!!  Here’s “The Rapture Truth Revealed” from God’s Word – NOT BY “THE FREE WILL CHOICE” OF MAN when Christ explicitly said:

“You did NOT choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit -- fruit that will last -- and so that whatever you ask in My name the Father will give you.”  (Christ’s TRUTH about “Election” can’t get much clearer than those words – that it was NOT by our “Free Will Choice” that we have been saved or NOT SAVED – but by Christ’s SOVERIGN WILL and CHOICE!!!)(John 15:16)

HONESTLY -- it is only by the SOVEREIGN WILL of God that any of us have been chosen by Christ to be saved at anytime in Human History.  And clearly the Bible REVEALS that Christ chose His True Israel of God Himself -- which is only a 1/3 Remnant of this World’s Population as we read in Zechariah 13:8-9.  And He chose us BEFORE any of us were even born or the Human Race was even created!!!  THINK ABOUT IT – most of Christendom today has been DECEIVED into thinking that Christ is a Universalist and that He died on the Cross for the sins of ALL MAKIND – when His Word EXPLICITLY REVEALS that only a 1/3 Remnant of the Human Race has been chosen to now make up THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST now that all the Nations of the World have been evangelized.   

And it is THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST who exist in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” on Earth which is the ONLY Holy Nation that Christ has ever had.  For “The Rapture Truth” REVEALED in Christ’s True Eschatology – is that Christ translated the saved souls of THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST that He Himself chose even before the foundation of the World to this SPIRITUAL CITY where we have existed on this Earth in our saved soul existence from the very day that He saved each of us in our own lifetimes when we were then translated into His Spiritual Kingdom.  And make no mistake – that ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST started with Noah and has now reached all the way until today with us in that One Body of Christ still waiting for the 2nd Coming of Christ and THE RAPTURE which is the FINAL DELIVERANCE!!!

This is “The Rapture Truth Revealed” that Christ wanted to convey – that only His “Chosen Generation” will be RAPTURED at the Final Deliverance which is right on the Horizon.  In other words – the ones RAPTURED on the LAST DAY of this Human Race will be the same 1/3 Remnant chosen by Him before the foundation of the World.  THINK ABOUT IT!!!  This FINAL DELIVERANCE is foreshadowed by the deliverance in Noah’s Day when only those of “the family of Christ” were delivered and the rest of Mankind perished in the Great Flood!!!  AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!!  

And only in understanding this most vital principle of SALVATION – that only a REMNANT has been saved at any time in Human History and not just any Remnant but the 1/3 Remnant out of this World that Christ Himself chose to save before the foundation of the world -- can any of us see how Christ unambiguously uses the word translated “generation” in Scripture!!!  For the word “generation” is used by Christ to signify not only the physical family of God – but even more importantly “the Spiritual family of God who is JESUS CHRIST!!!  And since we are spirit beings existing in one of 2 Spiritual Kingdoms on this Earth -- it just can’t be reiterated enough that if Christ chose to save us -- then our saved spirits that rose to Eternal Life when Christ rose from the dead were instantly translated by Christ Himself into the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem.”   

And that includes everyone from Noah until TODAY!!!  For the Bible REVEALS that because of the efficacy of the Cross -- that Christ went to the Cross with the SINS of everyone in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST which includes both the Old and the New Testament Saints that make up the 1/3 Remnant that He chose to save BEFORE the foundation of the World.  And when He rose from the DEAD – our sins were purged by His Death and Resurrection – INCLUDING NOAH’S SINS all the way forward to the sins of all of us in the 1/3 Remnant of this World’s population that Christ chose to save!!!  And it’s important to also realize that the souls of the 1/3 Remnant that Christ chose to save have existed on this Earth until Christ’s 2nd Coming in our saved soul existence in what the Bible calls the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem.”  

Because Christ’s Kingdom is a Spiritual Kingdom – that means that Noah was part of Christ’s  “CHOSEN GENERATION” along with the family of Noah that were all saved during the 1st Great Judgment of Mankind -- for they represented those in the “the Spiritual family” of Christ who also existed in their saved soul existence in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” just as we do today !!! 

The “Chosen Generation” of Christ will Be Delivered

While the “Evil Generation” of Satan will be “Left Behind “ For the Final Judgment

When the Last 3rd Woe and 7th Plague will be Poured Out Soon!!!

NOT coincidentally – Christ uses the term “generation” to ALSO speak of “the Spiritual family of Satan” who is His GREATEST ADVERSARY and the SUPREME ANTICHRIST that is also called “THE BEAST” spoken of in the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation.  And CLEARLY the Bible REVEALS that those in Satan’s Spiritual Kingdom of Babylon have NOT been chosen to be saved by Christ.  And because they have NOT been chosen for Salvation – they have existed from birth to death in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Babylon the Great” in their unsaved soul existence waiting for the JUDGMENT of Christ on the LAST DAY of Human History!!! In other words – the Antediluvians who perished in the Great Flood in Noah’s Day were part of “the Spiritual family of Satan” which is WHY none of them were delivered and saved out of the Flood!!! 

THINK ABOUT IT!!!! – what Christ was trying to convey through that time of DELIVERANCE AND JUDGMENT was that there are CLEARLY two Spiritual families of this Human Race made up of two contrasting and distinct “seeds.”  And Christ REVEALED right out of the starting gate written in the Book of Genesis for all to read -- that those of us who are of “the seed of Christ” are waiting for the FINAL DELIVERANCE on the LAST DAY of this Human Race -- while those who are of “the seed of Satan” are waiting -- whether they realize it or NOT!!! -- for the FINAL JUDGMENT on the LAST DAY of this Human Race!!! 

And to prove this TRUTH -- Christ not only REVEALED that there were 2 seeds of Mankind in the Garden of Eden -- but that He was putting ENMITY between these 2 seeds!!!  The seed of the woman” was obviously His seed – and the “seed of the serpent” was OBVIOUSLY the seed of Satan who were the 2/3 Remnant of this world that Satan inherited that were NOT chosen to be saved by Christ.  And CLEARLY that means that one gets to be “the seed of Satan” NOT by the FREE WILL CHOICE of Man either -- but by THE SOVEREIGN WILL AND CHOICE OF GOD!!!  For it was Christ Himself who IS GOD -- who chose to save only a 1/3 Remnant of this Human Race and to invisibly “seal” those of us that He had saved with His “MARK OF SALVATION” which is the Blood of the Lamb.  And it was also Christ Himself who choose NOT to save a 2/3 Remnant of this World’s population and to invisibly “seal” them with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” which showed that they belonged to SATAN – NOT HIM!!! 

For CLEARLY this invisible mark on Mankind was meant to show OWNERSHIP starting in the Garden of Eden.  And while it is not a MARK that we humans can see – the fact that Christ Himself put that invisible mark of ownership on everyone’s forehead and right hand is a CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL PICTURE of who belongs to Him and is in League with Christ to do His Will on Earth -- and who belongs to SATAN and is in League with SATAN to do his EVIL BIDDING in this Human Race.  AGAIN -- THINK ABOUT IT!!!  For this SPIRITUAL MARK of ownership is causing a whole lot of DECEPTION in Christendom today!!!

When “The Real Rapture Truth” of Christ True Eschatology – is that Christ Himself is THE ONE who put the ENMITY and the Mark of ownership on those of His seed and those of the seed of SATAN that would REVEAL who belonged to whom throughout all of Human History.  And the Bible is explicitly clear that “The children of God” and “The children of the Devil” are 2 VERY DIVERSE and DISTINCT “GENERATIONS” or Families that have been born from these two seeds who have been AT WAR with each other since the Garden of Eden!!! 

And what’s even more important to understand living in these last of the LAST DAYS as we are today in this 21st Century – is that the SPIRITUAL WARFARE that began in the Garden of Eden will NOT abate until Christ steps back into Man’s dimension again and ENDS this Final Spiritual Battle that is raging all around the Globe right now TODAY!!!

In other words – to fully understand what Christ meant by His 2nd Coming being just like “the Days of Noah” and “the Days of Lot” – we must 1st understand that ‘the family of God” extends all the way back to the beginning of time just as “the family of Satan” extends to the same period of the Garden of Eden which also illustrates vividly what happened between Cain and Abel.  

The Mark of the Beast Began with Cain when Christ 1st Marked him

It is Not a Future Marking But a Marking That Christ has Been Responsible for

Since the  Beginning of Time

The Bible REVEALS that Cain belonged to “the Wicked One” who is SATAN and was of his “seed” and family group – while Abel belonged to Christ and was of His “seed” and family group.  And the way that the word of God uses the phrase “the Generation of evil” makes it synonymous with the children or family of the Devil starting with Cain who was CLEARLY MARKED by Christ – NOT ONE Particular Man of the Future!!!  This infamous mark later came to be called “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” by John in The Book of Revelation since Satan is referred to as “THE BEAST” all throughout the Apocalyptic Literature of the Bible and Cain certainly belonged to THE EVIL ONE who was Satan and “THE BEAST”!!!  

And what is so vitally important to understand -- is that “THE MARKING” of Mankind goes all the way back to Christ 1st marking Cain who belonged to “the Wicked One” who is SATAN – NOT any immediate present day family group.  But that “The Generation of evil” refers to ALL those who have belonged to “the seed of the Serpent” throughout time since it refers to those who are of that family by their Patriarchal relationship to the Spirit of Satan.  And CLEARLY John saw in his 7 visions that everyone on Earth was ALREADY MARKED by Christ as either belonging to one of these 2 “generations” or “Spiritual families” just as the MARKING of Cain also indicated.

Just to reiterate because the whole concept of MARKING and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” has been so mishandled today  – Christ REVEALED to John in his 7 visions that His “Elect” SONS OF GOD” and True Prophets which were part of THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST already had the invisible “MARK OF SALVATION” which is the Blood of the Lamb written upon us.  And that meant that if Christ chose to save us -- then we are part of the whole family of God from Abel to TODAY -- which are a “CHOSEN GENERATION” -- [genos] or family as we read recorded in Genesis extending throughout time.  

So it’s not just the people who happened to be living at the time when Matthew wrote the words of Christ that “that generation” would NOT PASS AWAY until all of THE SIGNS had taken place – HARDLY!!!  For Christ uses these family relationships to illustrate those who are of the same “Spiritual family” as illustrated in passages like John Chapter 8 when Christ was speaking to the Pharisees when He told them that they belonged to their father who was THE DEVIL.  They too were part of Satan’s Evil Generation -- and it was this EVIL GENERATION that Christ wanted to convey to us True Prophets of His living today now in this 21st Century that would still be on Earth at the 2nd Coming of Christ. 

In other words – those of “the seed of Satan” would be causing a time of GREAT TRIUBULATION for us who are of “the seed of Christ” and of Christ’s family at His 2nd Coming just as the Pharisees and the Sadducees were causing a time of GREAT TRIBULATION for Christ and His Disciples at the time of His 1st Coming when we read just who Christ said they belonged to even though they were the Esteemed Religious JEWISH Leaders:

“You are of your father THE DEVIL, and the desires of your father you want to do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is NO TRUTH in him.  When he speaks A LIE, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.”

(John 8:44)

And since Christ was speaking to the Esteemed Religious Jewish Leaders of Israel at that time – He was REVEALING the DIVINE TRUTH that not all Jews were saved at any time in Human History but only a REMNANT -- just as not all Gentiles have been saved at any time in Human History either.  But that only a 1/3 Remnant of this Human Race has ever been saved as Christ REVEALED to Zechariah.  And in my humble Bible Prophecy opinion – what Christ REVEALED to Zechariah has to be hands down one of the MOST IMPORTANT TRUTHS in all of the Bible -- that out of “all the land” meaning out of ALL the population of this Human Race -- that only a REMNANT has ever been saved at any time in Human History – REALLY!!! 

And that that 1/3 Remnant makes up THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST – while a 2/3 Remnant of this World’s population will be “cut off” and cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven on the LAST DAY when Christ Returns a 2nd Time to DELIVER His “Elect” and to “JUDGE” those NOT CHOSEN to be saved by Christ.  This extremely important TRUTH is just what Christ prophesied through Zechariah over 2500 years ago when we read:

“And it shall come to pass in all the land,” Says the Lord, “That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die, but one-third shall be left in it: I will bring the one-third through the fire, (and I) will refine them as silver is refined, and test them as gold is tested.  They will call on My name, and I will answer them.  I will say, ‘This is My people’; and each one will say, The Lord is my God.’ ” (Zechariah 13:8-9)

And what’s even more important to understand – is that Christ was REVEALING this DIVINE TRUTH to the Esteemed Religious Jewish Leaders of His Day saying that they were NOT who they thought they were but were of “the seed of Satan” – or “the children and family of the Devil.  And no doubt they too had “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” invisibly written on them which man couldn’t see.  But Christ OBVIOUSLY could see since He knew that He did NOT CHOSE them before the foundation of the World and that they were NOT covered by His Blood which is “THE MARK OF SALVATION” that all of His Disciples had and He could also see – THINK ABOUT IT!!! 

In other words  the Pharisees and the Sadducees for the most part belonged to SATAN and were part of a particular Spiritual family group THAT WAS NOT CHRIST’S FAMILY GROUP!!!  For Christ identifies their “father” as the Devil.  And clearly -- Satan is the Spiritual Patriarch reference for the whole generation or family of evil that has existed on this Earth since the Garden of Eden – NOT just at that time or else NOT all the Antediluvians would have perished in Noah’s Day!!!  And clearly -- that means that 2/3 of this Human Race has always belonged to Satan and his “Spiritual family” throughout ALL of Human History -- NOT merely these whom Christ was speaking to in this verse in Matthew 24:33-34.   For what Christ REALLY meant to say and convey in speaking this TRUTH in Matthew’s Gospel -- was that this EVIL GENERATION of Satan will NOT PASS AWAY until all of THE SIGNS had been REVEALED when He prophesied:

Even so, when you see ALL these things, (which refers to ALL OF THE SIGNS converging together!!!) you know that it is near, right at the door. (which refers to the 2nd Coming of Christ when He will DELIVER us “Elect” and pour out the LAST 7TH PLAGUE OF JUDGMENT on the Satan and his Evil Generation!!!)  Truly I tell you, THIS generation (referring to this EVIL GENERATION of Satan!!!) will certainly NOT pass away until all these things have happened.” (it’s because they are still here that we are even IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION!!!)  (Matthew 24:33-34)

CLEARLY -- Satan has had a VAST ARMY of those under his Spiritual control who are “the generation” or family of evil which has existed from the beginning of time and are who Christ had Paul call “THE LAWLESS MAN” or who the Bible also calls “the sons of Perdition” and “The Man of Sin.”  And they are ALL referred to as False Prophets with Satan’s Spirit of ANTICHRIST who Christ REVEALED to John ALREADY had “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” invisibly written upon their forehead and right hand in John 4th vision recorded in Revelation Chapter 13. 

And that is WHY just like the Pharisees -- that all of the unsaved have thought with the unsound reprobate mind of SATAN and carried out the evil deeds of their father who is THE DEVIL.  This invisible “MARK OF THE BEAST” that Christ wrote on their foreheads and their right hand that He REVEALED to John in his 4th vision recorded in Revelation Chapter 13 – REVEALS that “the seed of Satan” from the beginning of time has been more than willing to do Satan’s bidding since they belonged to Satan whether they realized it or NOT!!!  And that means that the CYRPTIC SPIRITUAL TRUTH of being marked in their foreheads and the right hand has a WHOLE DIFFERENT MEANING than what Man’s False Eschatology teaches today!!!  And in this commentary I pray that I can give enough evidence that demands a verdict that Man’s Eschatology about “THE ANTICHRIST” and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” is A LIE!!! 

In Biblical terms this VAST ARMY which compromises 2/3 of this World’s Population as Christ REVEALED to Zechariah who have belonged to Satan from birth to death -- are the Spiritual offspring or “Evil Generation” of their Patriarch reference which is “the Old Serpent” or the Devil who is Satan and who is also called “THE BEAST” or “THE DRAGON” and “the 8th King” and of course “THE ANTICHRIST”!!!  And clearly -- Christ speaks of the Pharisees and the Sadducees living during His time as part of “a generation of VIPERS” to convey that they are part of “the seed of the serpent” who is SATAN and that they belong to his family group who serve their father.  

In other words – Christ is NOT talking about everyone in that physical generation or time period  NOR was He talking about all those living in that physical generation or time span as the ones that would NOT pass away until ALL THE SIGNS had been fulfilled.  THINK ABOUT IT – how could He have been???!!!  When all those at the time of Christ prophesying that SPIRITUAL TRUTH were not ALL “the children of Satan or of evil” because His Disciples were there when Matthew wrote Chapter 24 and Christ spoke those words!!!  But that hasn’t stopped those inventing Man’s False Eschatology to try and figure out how LONG a generation is when even before Christ spoke about the “generation” NOT passing before all THE SIGNS had converged together which would signal His 2nd Coming -- He 1st said that there were 2 “seeds” of this Human Race when we read:

“Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.” (and CLEARLY – only Christ can make a tree good or bad by His choosing to save a 1/3 Remnant and NOT CHOOSING TO SAVE a 2/3 Remnant of this Human Race!!!)  And to those NOT saved He said: “ You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good?  For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.   A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.”

(Matthew 12:33-35)

While “THE MARK OF SALVATION” and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” are invisible markings put there by Christ to show ownership – all one has to do today is turn on the Television or the Internet to recognize who belongs to Christ and who DOES NOT by the kind of fruit that their seed produces – I’m just saying!!!

Noah Walked With Christ and was a Righteous Man Because He Belonged to Christ’s

Chosen Generation and Had “The Mark of Salvation” invisibly written Upon Him

Which is Why Noah Knew That Judgment was Coming!!!

CLEARLY – this Apocalyptic Generation that we are living in TODAY has much in common with Noah and his family who were DELIVERED by Christ from the Great Flood and Judgment of that Day!!!  For we are NOW living just like in “the Days of Noah” when Satan has been LOOSED again just as he was BEFORE he was bound at the Cross by Christ’s Victory over him there.  And just like in Noah’s Day the family of Satan who were the Antediluvians -- which means those living before that time of JUDGMENT which was the Great Flood of Noah’s Day – were “wicked continually” because Satan was LOOSED then also before being BOUND at the Cross!!!  And he was leading them to REBEL against God!!! 

AND SO IT GOES TODAY with the 21st Century Antediluvians who are part of Satan’s family on Earth who are doing “wicked things continually” now that Christ has again LOOSED His restraint on Satan and has ALLOWED him to lead unsaved Mankind into their depths of sin and moral depravity which is spreading around the Globe now like WILDFIRE!!!  And we read that what happened in Noah’s Day is just what Christ has prophesied would happen again today when Mankind has NOW reached this point of JUDGMENT:

“Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the Earth, and He was grieved in His heart.  So the Lord said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the Earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.”  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. . . . . Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations.  Noah walked with God.” (Genesis 6)     

And it just can’t be reiterated enough that Noah was a just and a righteous Man because he belonged to the “Chosen Generation” and “the Spiritual family” of God.  And that he was “righteous” because He was covered in the Blood of the Lamb – NOT BY HIS OWN GOOD WORKS!!! – but because of Christ’s Amazing Grace to have CHOSEN HIM!!!  While the Antediluvians who were destroyed in the Flood were part of the “EVIL GENERATION” that belonged to Satan and were NOT covered by the Blood of the Lamb.  THINK ABOUT IT – this “Spiritual family” of Satan has REBELLLED against Christ since the Garden of Eden!!!  And today now that Christ has finished saving and “sealing” everyone in His Book of Life – He has LOOSED SATAN to BLIND AND DECEIVE those who have “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” invisibly written on their foreheads by Christ as THE FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT is fast approaching. 

And the condition of this World right before the FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT AFTER the 1st 2 WOES have NOW been poured out and Christ is now ready to pour out the 3rd WOE -- is just like “THE DAYS OF NOAH” when we read what Christ had John write of “this generation that will NOT pass away until” all of the SIGNS have been fulfilled.  And this verse also PROVES that both “generations” are still here and that NO ONE HAS BEEN RAPTURED yet when Christ had John tell how this Evil Generation is causing this time now of Great Tribulation for us who are of “the seed” of Christ:   

“The Nations were angry, and Your WRATH has come, and the time of the dead, that they should be JUDGED, And that You should reward Your servants the (True) Prophets and the saints, and those who fear Your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the earth.” (Revelation 11:18)

In our day we see this prophesied SIGN of the “great Apostasy and falling away” from the True Eschatology of Christ being fulfilled right before our eyes with the great forsaking of God’s Word in the External Global Harlot Church.  And that “falling away” from the Faith has led nearly all Churches around the Globe to apostatize because of THE LIES promoted by the False Prophets ruling there now along with SATAN who has taken his seat there as the prophesied “ANTICHRIST.”  And sadly – many even Professed Christians in the External Global Harlot Church are of the world and are rebellious and have no root or strength IN CHRIST and His Word and True Eschatology to even withstand this prophesied time of Great Tribulation. 

Because they have trusted in Man’s False Eschatology and NOT in Christ’s True Eschatology -- Christ has now LOOSED SATAN to BLIND them to THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH that we are even IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION TODAY or fighting this Final Spiritual Battle that John called by the CRYTPIC NAMES of “Armageddon” and “Gog and Magog”!!! 

In other words – these DECEIVED and DELUDED Christians have built their house on SINKING SAND – and they will NOT endure the onslaught of SATANIC DECEPTION now that Christ has LOOSED Satan and his Army of 200 MILLION DEMONS from HELL to go out and DECEIVE THE NATIONS!!!  And CLEARLY – that is WHY the 2/3 Remnant out of all of the Nations that Christ chose NOT TO SAVE have been deceived by this Coronavirus today and that Babylon is now FALLING!!!! 

But THINK ABOUT IT – Noah Knew that Judgment was coming because Christ TOLD HIM!!!  And so should we “Noah’s” of today know that Judgment is not only coming but is almost COMPLETE now that the 1st 2 WOES of BLINDNESS have been poured out!!!

And certainly -- one of the “strongest DELUSIONS” of Christendom today is what Christ meant to convey when He prophesied about His 2nd Coming that NO ONE would know the timing of it when we read:

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the Angels of  Heaven, but My Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

HERE’S THE TRUTH – NOAH KNEW!!!  It was over 20 years ago now that Christ called me to be a WATCHMAN ON THE WALL for Him when He then put a PASSION in my heart to know about THE RAPTURE and His 2nd Coming.  And the first Commentary that I wrote for Christ – His Holy Spirit guided me to entitle it “NOAH KNEW” because that 1st Commentary was all about how Christ had REVEALED to Noah that Judgment was Coming and how He wanted to REVEAL that to us living TODAY through my Commentaries!!!  

It was because Noah walked with God and talked with God that HE KNEW to build the Ark and that HE KNEW 7 days before THE GREAT FLOOD BEGAN to get his family in the Ark because Christ was going to send him the animals and then would start the rain and the open the FLOODGATES of Heaven.  He KNEW all of this because he BELONGED to Christ and was “sealed” with “THE MARK OF SALVATION” by Christ Himself!!!  THINK ABOUT IT – Christ TOLD NOAH – AND NOAH KNEW that His Judgment was coming upon the Earth and that he and his family would be saved out of it – AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!!  It’s the “Spiritual family” of SATAN who is BLINDED to THE TRUTH of these End-Times and they just like the Antediluvians in Noah’s Day do NOT know the timing of the Lord’s Return because they are NOT watching and reading THE SIGNS of Christ’s 2nd Coming – and certainly neither are they WALKING WITH GOD as Noah did because they do NOT belong to Christ!!! 

In other words -- THEY ARE THE ONES who will NOT know the day and the hour – NOT us Noah’s of today who are walking with Christ and are covered in His Righteousness and KNOW with all of THE SIGNS that we are IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION and nearing the 1,335th day when Christ REVEALED to Daniel that we would be “BLESSED” if we made it to the END OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION.  For just like in Moses’ Day with the Parting of the Red Sea we will see THE RAPTURE which will be the most awesome Deliverance this World has ever seen!!!

CLEARLY -- it is the False Prophets who have tread down Christ’s Words of TRUTH so that most of Christendom now does NOT even believe that we are even in the prophesied time of Great Tribulation that we True Prophets of Christ KNOW with certainty that we are now IN!!!  For we can clearly see and understand that Christ has LOOSED SATAN as a JUDGMENT for their REFUSING to believe His Words of TRUTH about these End-Times!!! 

In other words -- this FINAL JUDGMENT of pouring out the LAST 3 WOES has begun and the 1st 2 WOES of Spiritual Blindness have ALREADY been poured out as Judgment from CHRIST HIMSELF on the 21st Century Antediluvians today who are CLUELESS that the FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT is even coming just as the Antediluvians were in Noah’s Day!!!  And that is WHY Christ says that just like in Noah’s Day people will be “eating and drinking” and going on with life as usual when He LOOSES SATAN and they will not even KNOW that the Great Tribulation has begun. 

Nor will they know that Christ is using SATAN as His instrument of Judgment -- for by His own hand He is allowing Satan to DECEIVE and to bring a “STRONG DELUSION” and a state of TOTAL and complete BLINDESS on the unfaithful for their REFUSING to believe the Truth of His Word.  And sadly those being DECEIVED by Satan can’t even see that it is ALSO by “THE FINGER OF GOD” that Babylon is now Falling!!!

The forty-two months in the 2nd Part of the 70th Week Prophecy of Daniel correlates to this time just before Christ’s 2nd Coming and THE END OF THE WORLD.  For it is a period of trial and immense persecution of us True Prophets of Christ when the love of God has now grown so cold that men forsake His Word in the Church and judge by what is right in their own eyes.  In other words – iniquity AND LAWLESSNESS are abounding all around the Globe now that Satan has been LOOSED – for the 2nd Period of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy is happening NOW!!!

And that is what Christ wanted to convey to us when He said that this LAST GENERATION would be living in Days just like “the Days of Noah.”  That we Noah’s who belonged to Christ would not only KNOW that the FINAL JUDGMENT had begun when we saw “Babylon Falling”!!! – but that we would also KNOW that the FINAL DELIVERANCE had begun!!!  That we had the “BLESSED HOPE” of Christ’s DELIVERANCE and that we would soon be saved out of Satan’s oppressive rule of this World where we have all been forced into SATANIC BONDAGE now more than ever!!!  And today this Final DAY of Judgment and Deliverance are coming quickly now that the 1st 2 WOES have obviously been poured out with so many Antediluvians walking around CLUELESS not even knowing that they will all soon perish!!!

The Nations Might be Angry  But  the Wrath of God is Aimed Right at

Satan and his False Prophets for “killing and silencing” the Truth of us True Prophets of Christ!!!

Christ tells us just who His vengeance is against in these Days of Vengeance which are FORETOLD as being just like “The Days of Noah” when Christ was so angry with the Antediluvians in “the Spiritual Family of Satan” that it caused Him to destroy the whole 2/3 unsaved Remnant of the Human Race at that time.  AND SO IT GOES TODAY when we read:

“For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:23)

When we ask ourselves – “When will ALL things that are written be fulfilled” – the answer of course is written in PLAIN SIGHT in Christ’s True Eschatology – maybe not in Man’s False Eschatology – but certainly in Christ’s Unadulterated Words of TRUTH when we read that it is AT THE END OF THE WORLD which ALL of the SIGNS point to is TODAY!!!  And when we ask just WHO it is that Christ’s vengeance is directed at – the answer is that it is God’s vengeance and God’s judgment against the unfaithful Congregation who are committing spiritual whoredoms.  

In other words – just like at the 1st Coming of Christ – it is His own Congregation where this SPIRITUAL WARFARE is going on now at His 2nd Coming that will lead to the FALL of the New Testament Congregation just like it did with the Fall of the Old Testament Congregation!!!  And certainly the infamous Prophecy that Christ gave to Daniel of the 70th Week figures in because even Professed Christians are still refusing to believe that Christ was “the Messiah the Prince” who CAME written in Daniel 9:27 and this Prophecy is NOT Future – THINK ABOUT IT!!!    

CLEARLY -- “Armageddon” and the “Gog and Magog” Battle are the names given in the Book of Revelation for the Final Spiritual Battle of today’s False Prophets being AT WAR against Christ and His Word about His 2nd Coming just as the Pharisees and the Sadducees were AT WAR with Christ also about His 1st Coming!!!  And that makes this Final Battle part of the same SPIRITUAL WARFARE that has gone on between the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of Christ since the beginning of time!!!   It's where “THE BEAST” who is SATAN battles with the saints in the External Global Churches of the HARLOT APOSTATE CHURCH of these End-Times and deceives and BLINDS the weak therein.  And those who have forsaken the Lord and “fallen away” from the faith of God will come under this JUDGMENT because of their abomination of being in League with Satan in promoting the False Eschatology of Man!!!

That’s WHY Christ tells us in HIGHLY CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE that the External Global Apostate Congregation or TEMPLE of God where these FALSE PROPHETS are now reigning with Satan will FALL when Babylon is NOW FALLING when we read:

“And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:24)

This is the very same treading down by the Gentiles that is REVEALED to John in his 3rd vision recorded in Revelation Chapter 11.  And CLEARLY the CRYPTIC SPIRITUAL MESSAGE that Christ was trying to convey with this 3rd vision given to John – was that the sword of unsaved man is his tongue -- and the leading away into captivity is the unfaithful invisibly marked by Christ with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” who are TODAY falling even further into THE SPIRITUAL BONDAGE of Satan through his “END-TIME” deceptions of this world.  And clearly – one of those deceptions is the DECEIVING of the Nations of the Coronavirus that has now managed to bring down the Global Economy and to cause “The Fall of Babylon”!!!

And that’s WHY it is SO IMPORTANT to understand that this SPIRITUAL CAPTIVITY of the unsaved will continue until the times of the Gentiles IS FULFILLED at Christ’s 2nd Coming soon.  This will be the end of all things -- or as Matthew 24 says: “when all shall be fulfilled.”  For it is AFTER this time when Satan has now been LOOSED to Deceive the Nations – that the Lord will return in power and Glory according to Christ’s True Eschatology!!!  In other words -- TODAY is the time of THE END OF THE WORLD!!!  And the 42 months or 3 1/2 years and the 2nd Period of Daniel’s 70th Week corresponds to the “time” that Christ has given power to the 2/3 unsaved Remnant of the Nations ruled by Satan -- that they may marshal their army of deceivers and trample the Holy City under foot which is the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem.”

Dispensationalists teach that the time of Great Tribulation is a time of bloodletting AFTER the Rapture of the Church when Armageddon and the Gog and Magog Battle are two physical Battles fought over the LITERAL City of Jerusalem in the Middle East will take place.  Not to mention that it is AFTER the Rapture of the Church when they teach that THEN the 70th Week Prophecy of Daniel will also take place – I DON’T THINK SO!!!  For CLEARLY – Christ was “the Messiah the Prince” who CAME and fulfilled the 1st Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy.  And now Satan has taken his seat as “THE ANTICHRIST” in the Harlot Church leading this Final Spiritual Battle which is the fulfillment of the 2nd Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy. 

Dispensationalists just REFUSE to acknowledge that Christ uses symbolism or “types’' in His word of Prophecy.  And this is as He always has done -- for the Jerusalem that was to be comforted wasn’t a LITERAL CITY in the Middle East – A MILLION TIMES NO!!! – but the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem”!!!  Nor was the Temple that was to be destroyed and rebuilt in three days a LITERAL Temple of bricks made by the hands of Man in the Middle East City of Jerusalem either – HARDLY!!!!!!!!!!  And the Jerusalem being “trodden down” today by Satan and his False Prophets is NOT the Jerusalem of the Middle East either -- but the SPIRITUAL CITY of God on Earth which is His SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” which is where this Final SPIRITUAL Battel is now taking place!!!

False Prophets are Causing More Fear Because of Their Mishandling of

Christ’s Word  About “The Mark of The Beast” than the Coronavirus is Causing!!!

The end-time prophecy of Satan LOOSED for “a little season” to deceive “The Man of Sin and LAWLESSNESS” so that those with Satan’s reprobate mind will sit in the Holy Temple of God thinking of themselves as GOD -- has come to fruition TODAY!!!  For this End-Time prophecy recorded in 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 that Christ had Paul write -- prophesies that  Satan and his False will be those of the External Global HARLOT CHURCH assaulting the True Eternal Universal Church of Christ on Earth before His 2nd Coming. 

And clearly – we True Prophets of Christ can understand this prophecy even more than any other Generation because it is those of us in THE ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST who dwell in the SPIRITUAL CITY of “Heavenly Jerusalem” that are NOW having to FIGHT to the DEATH against THE LIES of Man’s False Eschatology about THE RAPTURE and His 2nd Coming!!!  And one of the “strong delusions” of Satan that he has been successful at getting so many Professed Christians to fall for today -- is that HE IS NOT “THE ANTICHRIST” or “THE BEAST” in Daniel and Ezekiel and John’s visions of these End-Times -- but that One Particular Man of the Future will be “THE ANTICHRIST” who will mark everyone with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” after The Church is RAPTURED!!!  I DON’T THINK SO!!!

This FALSE ESCHATOLOGY has so saturated Christendom today that it is actually causing MORE fear now than the Coronavirus has wrongly been responsible for.  I mean – think about it – the Coronavirus has caused a TOTAL PANDEMIC of MASK HYSTERIA where MILLIONS of people around the Globe have now been deceived by Satan into believing that they will die of a deadly virus if they along with all of the other people in this World are NOT wearing masks every time they step foot outdoors into God’s fresh air and SUNSHINE!!!  REALLY???!!!  WHAT A DECEPTION!!! 

Nothing could be farther from THE TRUTH!!!  And to make matters even worse – “so called” Christian Leaders are fueling the fire of this FEAR AND WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC OF DELUSION AND CONFUSION but adding to Professed Christians’ fear of dying from the Coronavirus with the fear of having to take “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” which they have also wrongly been taught by their Christian Leaders will lead to their loss of SALVATION – all of which are SATANIC LIES!!!

Today Christendom is experiencing a famine in the land of hearing the Word of God – for Christ Himself has “cut off” the LIVING WATERS from these Apostate Churches which is His SPIRIT OF TRUTH for their mishandling of THE TRUTH.  And make no mistake – Christ has now “LEFT THE BUILDING” of most Apostate Churches and taken His Spiritual Living Waters of Salvation along with Him!!!  In other words -- not only has He now finished saving His 1/3 Remnant out of all of the Nations who have obviously now all be evangelized – but He is so angry with the Hananiah’s of today who are making His people “trust in LIES” that He doesn’t even WANT THEM TO KNOW THE TRUTH that we are IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION and that the next Event on the Prophetic Timeline is the FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT for them!!!  THINK ABOUT IT!!! 

It is because of the LIES of Satan and his False Prophets that Christ REVEALED to John that the External Global Harlot Church of these End-Times will cease to have the Word of God – that His Word will NO LONGER be a Word unto Salvation anymore -- but a Word unto JUDGMENT!!!  And because the False Prophets in this Apostate External Global Congregation are making Professed Christians trust in LIES about these End-Times – Christ has LOOSED SATAN to BLIND them.  And His Blessings have now ceased which He promised to His congregation ONLY if they remained faithful to Him and repented and turned from their sin of REBELLION against Him and His Word.  

Lest we forget – Christ had Noah WARN the Antediluvians over 200 years before the Great Flood came that it was for sure COMING!!!  Not to mention that Christ sent one True Prophet of His after another to WARN the Old Testament Congregation that there would be JUDGMENT for their unfaithfulness to Him.  But sadly for them -- they chose to believe Hananiah instead of Jeremiah and Christ allowed them to be drug off to 70 years of Babylonian Captivity!!!  AND SO IT GOES TODAY!!! 

For Christ wanted us to understand that these LAST 3 WOES are poured out specifically on the False Prophets and “so called” Religious Leaders like Hananiah who are now leading this 21st Century Congregation of Christ’s people to believe LIES about these End-Times!!!  In other words -- the 7 WOES that Christ pronounced on the Pharisees and the Sadducees only FORESHADOWS these Last 3 WOES that are being poured out today on our 21st Century Pharisees and Sadducees who call Christ’s Words of TRUTH A LIE!!!  And it WOE to those who call Christ’s Word A LIE!!!

To understand how so many “so called” World Renowned Bible Prophecy Experts are now leading Christ’s people astray about “THE ANTICHRIST” and “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” – all one has to do is to click on any number of Bible Prophecy Websites on the Internet and it won’t take long to read about the H.R. 6666 Trace Act with the $100 Billion Dollars now being spent for Contact Tracing.  And because of Man’s False Eschatology and LIES about a Future ANTICHRIST -- so many even Professed Christians wrongly think today that if they are made to take “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” before THE RAPTURE then they will lose their SALVATION.  And that’s WHY even so many Christians are shaken to the core with FEAR when they read about Bill Gates’ ID 2020 Vaccination Program or his WO20200060606 Cryptocurrency System using Body Activity Data to bring about a cashless Society in the New World Order when they might have to take a “mark”!!!  

But HONESTLY -- what do these evil schemes of Man that Christ has ALREADY invisibly marked with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” have to do with the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel and the “BLESSED HOPE” of Christ’s FINAL DELIVERANCE???!!!  Granted – our Christian LIBERTY is now being replaced by SATANIC BONDAGE and pretty soon we Christians even in the U.S. may have to meet in secret just like the 1st Century Christians because this LAST ROMAN EMPIRE at Christ’s 2nd Coming is just as oppressive as the Roman Empire was at Christ’s 1st Coming – so to speak!!!  But we should NEVER FORGET that Christ Himself taught that His Gospel was NOT about World Politics – but about His Words of TRUTH as they relate to the Salvation and the Judgment of this whole Human Race.  And shouldn’t that be our focus when we have NOW entered this period of the Final Judgment of Satan and his False Prophets in the Great Tribulation???!!! 

CLEARLY – “The Real Rapture Truth” REVEALED in Christ’s True Eschatology is far from these LIES OF MAN!!!  For the Bible tells us: “But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (2nd Tim. 3:13)  So we should NOT be surprised to see that prophecy being fulfilled just as Christ had Paul prophesy it would – that men would grow much more EVIL after Satan has been LOOSED to take his seat in the Harlot Church as “THE ANTICHRIST”!!!  And HONESTLY – we should expect it to get even worse!!!

And that’s WHY we know where we are on Christ’s Prophetic Timeline because even so many Professed Christians have been BLINDED today by the pouring out of the 1st 2 WOES which is so evident in their willingness to join SATAN in his WAR against Christ’s Word and True Eschatology.  In other words – “The Rapture Truth” that Christ REVEALED is that the 1st Part of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy ENDS when His Salvation Program of saving His 1/3 Remnant is FINISHED -- and THEN the 2nd Period begins when Satan is LOOSED to “silence and kill” the witness of the True Eternal Universal Church – and we are THERE!!!  For the prophecy of One Particular Man being “THE ANTICHRIST” after THE RAPTURE of the Church who will force everyone to bow down and worship him or be beheaded if they do no take “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” is all A LIE!!!  

Christ had John prophesy that the 3rd WOE which is the LAST 7th Plague will be poured out on Satan and his False Prophets AFTER the 1st 2 WOES of BLINDNESS have now been poured out.  And that SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS is causing unsaved Mankind to FEAR “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” and we read what happens next when John wrote: “The second woe is past.  Behold, the third woe is coming quickly.” (Revelation 11:14) 

CLEARLY – the 1st 2 WOES have BLINDED even most of Christendom about THE TRUTH that Christ’s Word REVEALS from beginning to End that SATAN is “THE ANTICHRIST” and “THE BEAST” -- and that the 2/3 Remnant who are of “the seed of Satan” have ALREADY been invisibly marked with “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” by Christ Himself – I’m just saying!!!

What Christendom Needs at this Late Hour of Human History is a

Little Bible 101 Logic  of when Christ  Revealed  The Rapture would Take Place

And Who Christ  Reveals will  Be Raptured!!!

CLEARLY -- Bible 101 Christian Logic REVEALS that anytime someone was MARKED in Human History -- that Christ was the ONE doing the marking starting with Cain.  For it was Christ Himself who had Noah and his family and Lot and his 2 Daughters invisibly marked with His “seal” of “THE MARK OF SALVATION” in delivering them from those times of Judgment!!!  Not to mention that it was Christ who instructed Moses to have the Israelites put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts so that “the Angel of Death” would pass over them.  For that mark of the Blood of the Lamb signified “THE MARK OF SALVATION” that Christ has written on all of us who have “THE MARK OF SALVATION” on us TODAY so that we too will be passed over in God’s FINAL JUDGMENT coming to a theatre near all of us on Planet Earth SOON!!!  And it was Christ who summoned His Good Angels to put a mark on all those who “grieved and lamented” over the sins of Israel in Ezekiel’s day. 

So how can it be TRUE that One Particular Man of the Future is going to put “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” on all those who will not bow down and worship him when clearly ALL the marking of Mankind throughout Human History has previously been done by Christ Himself???!!!  I mean – THINK ABOUT IT -- it makes no BIBLICAL SENSE???!!!  And the reason WHY it doesn’t make any Biblical sense -- is because it is A LIE!!!

As I mentioned in my last Commentary – Christ could care less about any “mark” that evil mankind puts on the forehead or right hand of Man – for His marking is the only marking that counts since He holds the keys to HEAVEN AND HELL!!!  CLEARLY -- a prerequisite of Entering Heaven is “THE MARK OF SALVATION” that Christ Himself has ALREADY invisibly written on all of us who are of “His seed.”  And that “seal” or “MARK OF SALVATION” is what will keep us who belong to Him from being DECEIVED and BLINDED by Satan today now that he has been LOOSED to deceive the Nations!!! 

HONESTLY -- it is clearly BIBLE LOGIC 101 to understand the SPIRITUAL TRUTH that it won’t matter whatsoever to Christ if we living today are FORCED to get vaccinated or are forced into a cashless Society that requires some sort of MARK to buy and sell.  Because if Christ chose to save us then we have His “seal” of SALVATION permanently written on us by indelible ink which is His SHED BLOOD regardless of what PHYSICAL MARK that Evil Mankind might force us to take!!!

THINK ABOUT IT – that “seal” of Salvation is the greatest treasure on this Earth that we possess – for it shows that we are Christ’s possessions and that He has personally written His “seal” on our foreheads so that we will NOT BE BLINDED AND DECEIVED by THE LIES of Satan and his False Prophets!!!  Not to mention that we have the “Blessed Hope” that Christ Himself is Coming back PERSONALLY to DELIVER US from this SATANIC BONDAGE that unsaved Mankind with their reprobate mind and ANTICHRIST SPIRIT of Satan are forcing upon us in this prophesied time of Great Tribulation!!! 

Daniel and Ezekiel were drug off into 70 years of Babylonian Captivity which was CLEARLY another time of Great Tribulation for Christ’s “seed” who remained faithful to Him!!!  But because Christ had invisibly marked them too with His “seal” of SALVATION -- they made it through to the END of that time of Babylonian Captivity – AND SO WILL WE TODAY if we have God’s “MARK OF SALVATION” invisibly written upon us by the HAND OF GOD!!!  For it is Christ’s prefect DIVINE WILL AND DIVINE PLAN for us “Elect” today that we will survive to the END of this Great Tribulation if we belong to Him!!!  But it is also the Will of Christ to JUDGE the False Prophets of the External Global Harlot Apostate Church who are mishandling His Word and making His Congregation TRUST IN LIES!!! 

Jeremiah’s fate was a little different than that of Daniel and Ezekiel – for while he sadly saw Jerusalem burn to the ground -- Christ allowed Jeremiah to escape being drug off into Babylonian Captivity.  But when he made it to safety – Christ had Jeremiah “feed His sheep” who were in Babylonian Captivity by having him write a letter to them and telling the faithful servants of Christ these words from the Lord:

Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat their fruit . . . . And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace.” (But this next part is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!) 

“For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are in your midst DECEIVE you, nor listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed.  For they prophesy FALSELY to you in My name; I have NOT sent them, says the Lord

For thus says the Lord: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place.  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and NOT of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:5-11)

Those words of Jeremiah still hold true today for us Faithful servants of Christ.  For just like Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah who had to go through that time of Great Tribulation – so are we Faithful Prophets of Christ today are having to go through this FINAL BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY!!!  And even though our Christian Liberty is FAST being replaced by the SATANIC BONDAGE of so many Godless Elites who are ruling over SATAN’S BEAST SYSTEM of the United Nations today that is led by none other than SATAN who is “THE ANTICHRIST” and “the ruler of this world” and “the False god of this Age” – we have Daniel and Ezekiel and John’s visions. 

And THANKFULLY those visions REVEALS that “The Rapture Truth” is that this time of SATANIC BONDAGE will not last forever!!!  For there will be a DAY OF DELIVERANCE from Satan’s Final rule of this World – and we are nearing that LAST DAY!!!  For they all saw that Christ would not only stand up and FIGHT FOR US “ELECT” BEFORE that LAST DAY – but that He is coming back TO PERSONSALLY DELIVER US ON THAT LAST DAY SOON!!!  That is our “Blessed Hope” – for Christ will be THE ONE who gets us to the END of the 1,335 days of Great Tribulation which He REVEALED to Daniel recorded in Daniel Chapter 12 is a CRYPTIC LENGTH of 1,335 days.

While NONE of us know the exact hour and day of Christ’s Return -- whether it will be 3 more days of Great Tribulation or 3 months or however long it will be that the CRYPTIC LENGTH of 1,335 days is -- we can know that it is SOON because there is so much BLINDNESS.  For now even in Christendom so many Professed Christians have been DECEIVED into believing THE LIES of Man’s False Eschatology rather than accepting THE TRUTH of Christ’s True Eschatology.  And they do NOT even believe that we are IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION or that the Final Spiritual Battle is now taking place -- WHICH ONLY PROVES that Christ has ALREADY poured out the 1st 2 WOES of BLINDNESS!!!  But whatever trials and great tribulations that face us -- Christ’s DIVINE PLAN is to see that we who have His “seal” and “THE MARK OF SALVATION” invisibly written upon us will make it to the LAST DAY when He will Rapture us. 

And just as Jeremiah wrote – Christ’s words of wisdom have NOT CHANGED!!!  For He wants us to go on living the best we can in these Prophesied days of GREAT TRIBULATION TRUSTING HIM that His Plan is TO RAPTURE us soon to the New Heavens and the New Earth which was really the same DIVINE PLAN in Jeremiah’s Day also!!!  For Christ wanted ALL of His “seed” to know that we belong to Him and that someday our FUTURE would be the FINAL ESTATE of the New Heavens and the New Earth for the whole ONE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST!!!

CLEARLY -- “The Real Rapture Truth” REVEALED in Christ’s True Eschatology is that there is a HAPPY ENDING for those of us that Christ chose to save – for the Bible is after all hands down the Greatest Love Story ever written!!!  So keep MOVING FORWARD in Faith – for the 1,335th day which Christ REVEALED to Daniel would be the LAST DAY of this Human Race and the FINAL DAY OF DELIVERANCE of us who have His “MARK OF SALVATION” -- is right on the Horizon now that it is more obvious every day that the 1st 2 WOES have ALREADY BEEN POURED OUT!!!

But until Christ sounds that Last 7th Trumpet – just know that I will be forever . . . . .    

In His Service writing these Commentaries for Christ because I Love Him and because He has called me to be His Watchman on the Wall!!!  And as His Watchman on the Wall for over 20 years now -- it has always been my heart’s desire that Christ will help me see with His eyes and understand these End-Times with THE MIND OF CHRIST so that I can speak with His voice and be a reflection of His Light in a world that grows SPIRITUAL DARKER by the minute now with each passing day!!!  And May God Bless us all who are so BLESSED to have been chosen to be in “the family of Christ”!!!

Mary Sullivan 

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